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Ayesha Renyard

Overcoming Coastal Challenges in the U.S. with Moored Buoy Networks

We know that the U.S. coastlines are becoming increasingly hazardous. How do we monitor them and mitigate the hazards? It starts with moored weather buoys.

Offshore Oil and Gas on the Gulf Coast: Mitigating Risks with Data

These industries are highly lucrative, but they see their fair share of challenges. Read how data helps reduce weather-related risks.

6 Features to Look For When Purchasing a Drifting Weather Buoy

Looking into buying a drifting weather buoy? These are the features you want!

An Introduction to Sea Surface Temperature

Sea surface temperature: what is it, how is it measured, and why is this data important? Learn about how it may be affecting your industry in this introductory article.

Mitigating Climate Change: It Starts With Better Ocean Data

We’re starting to see the effects of climate change on our ocean, and it isn’t pretty. Learn more about ocean data and its place in creating actionable strategies.

Why Real-Time Data Matters to the Maritime Industry

There’s potential for the maritime shipping industry to become more lucrative, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. How? Click here to find out.