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Emily Heaslip

5 Things Researchers Can Do With Better Wave Forecasts

From improving renewable energy to predicting natural disasters, better wave forecasts can provide researchers with critical data.

Why Marine Weather Forecasts Are So Inaccurate - And How To Improve Them

Marine weather forecasts suffer from a lack of high-quality data. Here’s what Sofar Ocean is doing to help mitigate these issues.

Tracking Changes in Surface Currents

Climate change is causing a weakening of ocean surface currents – here's what that means and why tracking surface currents is so important.

Trends in Maritime Logistics for 2021

How better data, new tools, and global consumption trends will change shipping routes in the next year.

Flood Maps Are Outdated - Here’s How to Fix Them

Our flood maps are inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete. Here are some ways we can better prepare for the threat of coastal flooding.

5 Ways Scientists - Not Just Surfers - Use Swell Data

Swell isn't just for surfers – here's what "swell" really means, how to measure it, and how scientists and researchers use this metric.