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Emily Heaslip

How Maritime Weather Forecasting Minimizes Risks in Shipping Operations

Better maritime weather forecasting not only helps ships avoid extreme weather but also save on costs, arrive on time, and work toward decarbonization goals.

Understanding Weather Fronts and Their Effects

Read how better data is needed to predict weather fronts and their effect on offshore weather.

5 Smart Ways to Prepare for Extreme Weather

As climate change causes extreme weather to get more extreme, here are five ways communities can better prepare.

Combating Ocean Acidification and Climate Change with Underwater Forests

As ocean acidification gets worse, scientists are racing to plant more marine vegetation to reduce the impact of climate change and restore the health of our oceans.

How Ocean Health is Connected to Human Health

Our health is inextricably linked to the health of our oceans; taking better care of the ocean is imperative for the future.

What’s the Deal With Ocean Noise?

Noise pollution in the ocean is a serious problem — one that can be harnessed with better shipping routes.

What is a Convective Outlook and Why Does it Matter?

Convective outlooks play a crucial role in preparing for extreme weather events, but there’s confusion around what they mean.

How Ocean Buoys Can Help Seabird Conservation

Ocean buoys aren't just for marine conservation: they're also helping track and aid the conservation of sea birds

How Ports and Harbors Can Run Safely With Ocean Buoy Data

Ocean buoy wind and wave data, as well as tidal predictions, can help harbormasters manage the influx of port traffic.