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Emily Heaslip

How Ocean Climate Change Impacts El Niño and La Niña

El Niño and La Niña impact global weather, climates, ecosystems, and even our economy. Here’s how.

How Ports and Harbors Can Run Safely With Ocean Buoy Data

Ocean buoy wind and wave data, as well as tidal predictions, can help harbormasters manage the influx of port traffic.

Understanding Surface Currents vs Deep Ocean Currents

Learn the difference between these types of ocean currents, why they’re important, and how to track them.

How Aqualink Uses Smart Mooring to Monitor Ocean Climate Change

Aqualink is using buoy data to learn how rising ocean water temperatures are contributing to the decline of coral reefs.

How Does Climate Change Affect the Ocean?

Ocean climate change impacts more than just marine wildlife: it threatens our food supply, coastal populations, disaster preparedness, and more.

How Ocean Buoys Play a Role in Better Aquaculture

Buoys help monitor the health of aquaculture farms with multiple sensors for water column stratification, sub-surface properties, surface currents, and water quality.

How Biofouling Impacts Vessel Efficiency — And How to Fix It

The shipping industry loses tons of money and resources to biofouling each year. Here’s how to mitigate biofouling and improve vessel efficiency.

7 Tools for Selecting Better Shipping Routes

Ocean freight logistics companies are using these tools and strategies to optimize marine shipping routes and save time and money.

Decarbonization in the Shipping Industry: 2021 Outlook

The marine shipping industry is one of the biggest contributors to GHG emissions. Here’s how the sector can make progress toward decarbonization in 2021.