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Sofar Ocean

Webinar: Spotter Buoy Integrates RBR or any Sensor Payload

Learn how the RBR range of sensors is adding to the capability of Sofar's Smart Mooring for cost-effective, real-time monitoring.

How Climate Change and Recent Shipping Disasters Highlight the Urgent Need for Real-Time Ocean Data

Real-time data and better forecasts can optimize shipping routes and improve maritime safety.

Ask an Expert: Captain Gaurav Lal on What's Next for the Ever Given

We speak with Master Mariner and former Maersk Captain Gaurav Lal on what to expect next for the Ever Given.

When to Skip the Suez Canal for the Cape of Good Hope

Supply chain complexity requires tightly coordinated schedules, but with this complexity comes risk. With the closing of the Suez Canal due to the grounding of the Evergreen's Ever Given container ship, we look at what factors go into to making the decision to reroute a ship.

How the University of Tokyo Measures Arctic Sea-Ice Interactions with Spotters

The University of Tokyo chose Sofar Spotters to conduct studies at high latitudes to better understand the nature of sea-ice interaction. The Spotter buoys were both resilient and able to provide meaningful data to the team even after spending the winter in the harsh Arctic Ocean.