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Zack Johnson

Top Ten Shore Dive Locations in the U.S. for Underwater Drones

There’s a lot more to see close to shore than you think. The new class of remotely operated vehicles or underwater drones like Trident makes them far more accessible. Check out our list of favorites.

Minimizing the Risk of Invasive Species on ROVs

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), like any machine or equipment used in marine or freshwater applications, present a potential risk for the transmission of invasive species. If not properly cleaned and treated, they may introduce novel species into new regions.

Spotter Improves Marine Forecasts in Fiji

New buoy technology provides better wave forecasts and ocean weather data for remote islands with critical coral ecology challenges.

Inspiring Girls to Build and Explore (with Underwater Robots)

Two amazing women are touring the country with an underwater robot camp for girls to learn to be leaders in science and exploration

In Search of the Mysterious Megamouth Shark 

Join a small team of researches who are racing to save a newly discovered species of deep sea shark from overfishing.

Safer and Easier Insepections with Melbourne Water

Why send a person when a robot can do it? Explore new ways to use drones to inspect water management assets and infrastructure.

Monitoring Great White Sharks off the Coast of San Francisco

Remote technology gets face-to-face with the ocean's top predator near a remote cluster of islands knowns as the Devil's Teeth.