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Spotter Measures Surface Winds

Wind blowing over the ocean drives the generation of short surface waves and whitecaps. From detailed measurement of the so-called equilibrium range in the wave spectrum, Spotter derives wind speed and direction

Spotter Improves Marine Forecasts in Fiji

New buoy technology provides better wave forecasts and ocean weather data for remote islands with critical coral ecology challenges.

Spotter Meets 3D Vision in the Mediterranean Sea

The ISMAR research team led by Dr. Alvise Benetazzo uses Spotters to study the interaction between atmosphere and ocean.

Using Trident to Teach Maritime Heritage and Archeology

Trident captures the excitement of underwater discovery, giving the controls to participants and bringing them a real-life experience of underwater science.

Inspiring Girls to Build and Explore (with Underwater Robots)

Two amazing women are touring the country with an underwater robot camp for girls to learn to be leaders in science and exploration

Trident Films Orcas Annual Feeding Frenzy in the Arctic Circle

Every year, high above the arctic circle, groups of orcas and humpback whales come to feed in the fjords of Norway.

In Search of the Mysterious Megamouth Shark 

Join a small team of researches who are racing to save a newly discovered species of deep sea shark from overfishing.

Safer and Easier Insepections with Melbourne Water

Why send a person when a robot can do it? Explore new ways to use drones to inspect water management assets and infrastructure.

Trident "Live Dive" With National Geographic Australia Draws A Big Audience

To celebrate World Oceans Day, National Geographic Australia took their online communties below the surface off the coast of Sydney to illuminate the underwater world below.