Ocean Conservation Technology

We're working to safeguard a healthy and vibrant ocean. We partner with governments, foundations and citizen scientists to build and deploy conservation technology at a global scale.

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S.E.E. Initiative with National Geographic

Donating 1,000 Trident Underwater Drones

This initiative is putting tools directly into the hands of people on the front lines of ocean science, exploration, and conservation.

Over 200 Expeditions,
10k Followers & 750k Views

Enabling grassroots action with global scale and thousands of active participants. Each project brings energy and attention to an important ocean issue.

Pioneering Citizen Science

Solving big ocean challenges is going to require everyone. More than just tools, the initiative promotes the development of everyday people to become engaged citizen scientists.

New initiative
coming soon...

Ongoing S.E.E. Expeditions

Seahorse Homeland in Portugal


Follow along as Nuno Veloso & and Miguel Correia endeavor to save the declining seahorse communities of the Ria Formosa.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Research in Costa Rica


Join Daniel Naranjo as he explores the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, studying the Hawkbills, following their movements, and working with the local communities to ensure the survival of the species.

Golden Gate MPA Watch


Follow along with the effort to monitor MPAs for human activity and habitat, and educate the public on marine protection.