Aquaculture inspection and monitoring easy.

Don't waste time guessing or risk sending down a diver. Trident is an easy-to-use, robust tool for getting visuals on your assets. There's nothing complicated or complex about it. It just works.

Easy to Deploy

Trident's intuitive design and control system is easy to master. It's compact size makes it simple to transport and deploy from anywhere.

Built to Last

Trident's rugged design is made to withstand the harshest ocean environments. It's not a toy, it's a workhorse.

A New Perspective

Whether you're inspecting nets or monitoring feeding habits, Trident's real-time video gives you the perspective you need.

How it's being used

"...extremely pleased with its performance, capabilities and how user friendly it is. We have been using it quite often since it arrived, for cage maintenance inspections, seafloor bottom benthic monitoring, and recently we have used it to check on our mooring and anchor systems which are in deeper water than our divers are allowed to go. All our farm managers are very happy with the purchase."
Production Control / R&D Manager

Pacifico Aquaculture

Trident Underwater Drone

Easy To Pilot

Live video is streamed back to the surface over an ultra-thin kevlar-reinforced tether, then directly to your easy-to-use Trident Controller over WiFi.

Scratch-Proof Sapphire Lens

A hardened sapphire lens protects the camera from any scratches–unless you fly into a diamond for some reason.

Rugged Motors

Custom brushless motors that are specifically designed to last in saltwater and resist wear from sand and sediments.

Custom Payloads

Trident is open source and can be extended to include custom sensors or modules as add-ons. These can be attached to our payload area.

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