Aspecto Marine Uses Trident To Change Norwegian Aquaculture Industry

Chris Ayan
Chris Ayan

In the world of aquaculture it is important to get the full-picture of what is going on the surface and underwater at your facility. Whether inspecting cages and pens, getting live video during feedings or monitoring for invasive species, or monitoring live ocean weather at your site, knowledge is a valuable  tool for aquaculture farms.  

In Norway, the seafood industry is a 10 billion euro a year industry and Aspecto Marine aims to play an important part in that industry. The company, founded in 2018, aims to make inspection of fish pens and real-time monitoring of ocean weather  quick, easy and affordable. 

To accomplish this, Aspecto Marine is working with Sofar Ocean. 

“What makes  Trident ideal for fish farm applications  is that it's so easy to use.The limited size and weight makes it easy to travel with it and it literally takes under a minute to deploy and get underwater visuals,” said Aspecto Marine founder Carl Theimann.

Aspecto was founded with the mission to provide data to aquaculture farmers in the easiest way possible and found Sofar’s tools to be the right fit for that mission. 

“Trident is an excellent product, and the Sofar team knows what they're doing. When we learned about  Sofar we realized  that Trident would be a great tool for fish farmers.” said Theimann

But Trident was not the only product that attracted Aspecto Marine to Sofar. 

“With Spotter we have a tool to provide important real-time weather and underwater data to every farmer in Norway. It’s dashboard and API provides a platform for sharing weather information with other farmers in the community. To get this kind of information today (waves, wind, temperature, oxygen) would take a lot of  time and a big budget. We believe that providing the tools to making this type of data widely available, will  make a huge difference for the industry,” said Theimann. 

Currently Trident is being utilized for aquaculture not just by Aspecto Marine, but numerous other companies around the world. Because of its maneuverability, Trident can be operated  in any size pen. Additionally, fixed cameras, which are widely used for feed monitoring, don’t show the entire picture, and blind-spots in monitoring can cause additional problems for aquaculture farmers. Trident is enabling companies to get the angles that they need to optimize feed delivery, and cage and pen inspection. 

Trident is also enabling aquaculture companies to get live video-feeds during feedings, inspect for invasive species, net inspections, and generally have a quick, safe, and inexpensive alternative for divers. That way deploying divers is done only when 100% necessary. 

Sofar is working diligently to find new solutions to existing problems in the aquaculture market, and adoption of Trident by Aspecto Marine is a step in that direction. 

“The spirit of ‘that's not a problem’ is vital in today's market, to always see solutions instead of problems,” said Theimann. “That's why we chose to ask to work with Sofar.”

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