Spotter Innovation Challenge

What would you do with better ocean data? Tell us your plan and you could be selected as one of our Spotter Innovation Challenge recipients!

The Sofar Spotter is a globally-connected wave buoy for high-quality ocean wave and wind data. More product information is here.

Sofar’s mission is to make the process of ocean data collection much simpler, more accessible and dramatically less expensive. We’re constantly inspired by the innovative and important research being done by our community. And we would love to hear from you!

What would you do if you had Spotter(s) available? We are interested in your research ideas and innovative new applications for Spotter - and will provide up to 2 Spotters for a maximum of 12 months to use in innovative projects. Graduate students are highly encouraged to apply!

The award includes free use of the online Spotter dashboard to check your data in real-time, and up to 12 months of real-time communication through satellite. Awardees will be notified in August if you have a project for which you would like to use a Sofar Spotter, contact us!

Submit your application here.

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