Webinar: Scaling Real-time Ocean Observation Networks Using Agile Sensor Platforms

David Lang
David Lang

We’re hosting a webinar to have a public discussion about how new and agile ocean tools can provide effective real-time networks for regional monitoring and public data access to help build the next generation of regional ocean observation networks.


Thursday, July 2nd, 10am PST

Who should attend:

IOOS Principal Investigators, Regional Monitoring Coordinators, Ocean Scientists 


We’ll discuss:

— How API integrations of the ocean sensors enable integration into your operational data portal, forecast models, or other data systems.

— How new open standards for sensor integrations and the development of our new Smart Mooring system allows you to seamlessly add real-time sensing capability throughout the water column.

— Ongoing research and new applications by various research teams using our technologies.

— Creative and flexible options for deploying (and funding) sensor networks with the involvement of local communities and partners.

— How we can help your proposals.

— More about our technical roadmap: what’s coming next on our modular platform and how you can work with us in the development.

— How other IOOS regions are planning to incorporate Spotter and Smart Mooring systems.

The webinar will include panel presentations and discussions with our CEO Tim Janssen, Drs Pieter Smit and Dave Clark (Sofar) as well as members of our technical and science teams. Time will be allocated for questions and discussion.  

Space is limited to the first 20 sign ups.

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