Spotter Data Parsing Script

If you are interested in analyzing your SD card data, we recommend downloading the latest parsing script to assist you. The script will help associate your data with a human-readable timestamp as well as translate spectral data into bulk parameters.

Computer requirements:

- For Mac you will need to have OS X 10.5 (or newer) and python 2.7 (or newer) installed.
- For Windows you will need to have Windows 7 (or newer).
- For Linux you will need to have python 2.7 (or newer) installed.

Download the latest parsing script:

Latest Parsing script: | Version 1.11.2 (last updated: March 17, 2021)


- Ability to parse v1.11.1 (and below) data

To use the parsing script follow these steps:

1. Download the parsing script: parser_v1.11.2 onto the computer you will use to retrieve Spotter SD card data.

2. Unzip the parser_v1.11.2 file.

3. Be sure you have the following python modules installed: pandas, numpy, scipy

4. Copy the Spotter files and the parsing script into the same directory

5. Open a terminal window at the directory from the previous step and run `python`

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