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Spotter Data Parsing Script

Team Sofar

If your Spotter has a SPOT ID of SPOT-30000R or above (e.g. SPOT-30123R), the following guidelines do not apply to your device. A new parsing script specific to this class of SPOT-ID will be available soon and directions for its use will be posted on this page. In the interim, please direct questions to support@sofarocean.com.


If you are interested in analyzing your SD card data, we share our internal open-source tool to assist you. The script will help associate your data with a human-readable timestamp as well as translate spectral data into bulk parameters.

Please note: The parsing script is not an actively supported tool, and we recommend customers to build their ingesting tools using the raw Spotter SD card data.

Computer requirements:

- Python 2.7 or higher installed

- Python modules installed: pandas, numpy, scipy

Download the latest parsing script:

Latest Parsing script: | Version 1.12.0 (last updated: August 4, 2021)


- Ability to parse data from Spotter and Smart Mooring devices running firmware versions v1.12.0 and lower.

To use the parsing script follow these steps:

1. Download the parsing script: parser_v1.12.0 onto the computer you will use to retrieve Spotter SD card data.

2. Unzip the parser_v1.11.2 file.

3. Be sure you have the following python modules installed: pandas, numpy, scipy

4. Copy the Spotter files and the parsing script into the same directory

5. Open a terminal window at the directory from the previous step and run `python parser_v1.12.0.py`

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