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Sofar joins EMODnet

Chris Ayan

Sofar ocean is proud to announce that we are now an associate partner of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). 

Better quality and more accessible ocean data is important for continued “blue economy” growth, and is imperative to address threats to the marine environment, develop policies and legislation to protect coastal and open ocean areas, to understanding trends and forecasting future changes. 

However, in Europe, ocean data collection and access has been disjointed, with the majority of data collection focused on addressing a single area of focus for a singular entity. If data was more easily accessible, and shared it would allow for there to be a broader use case for each dataset and the world would be better for it. 

To address this problem, European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is a network of organisations supported by the EU’s integrated maritime policy. These organisations work together to observe the sea, process the data according to international standards and make that information freely available as interoperable data layers and data products.

This "collect once and use many times" philosophy benefits all marine data users, including policy makers, scientists, private industry and the public. It has been estimated that such an integrated marine data policy will save at least one billion Euros per year, as well as opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth.

“The team at Sofar Ocean is extremely honoured to join the EMODnet program and contribute our expertise in ocean data collection to the European scientific community. Through a mix of innovative marine science and technology, we believe we can empower the EMODnet members in developing new blue economy initiatives and improve the overall monitoring of our oceans in the region,” said Sebastien Boulay, Director of Business Development for Sofar. 

Sofar’s Spotter makes ocean data collection efficient and cost-effective at scale. 

Ocean weather data is sparse and hard to come by. Spotter is out to change that with a usable design and outstanding data quality. Through the dashboard, you can access data from anywhere, change the settings on your device, set alerts and notifications, and share data with others through the mobile app. Spotter lets you collect ocean data where you need it and access real-time updates on the go. Each Spotter collects wind speed, wind direction, significant wave height, mean & peak period, and mean & peak directions. 

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