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Spotter Specs

Spotter Specs PDF

Spotter User Guide

We included a copy of the Spotter user guide with the Spotter. Click the link below to download the latest copy of our Spotter User Guide.

Spotter User Guide PDF

Spotter Dashboard Instructions

This video provides instructions on how to get started with the Spotter dashboard.

Spotter Dashboard Instructions

Spotter Bulk Wave Parameters

Bulk parameters, such as significant wave height, peak and mean periods, and directional parameters, are estimated from the observed variance density spectrum and directional moments. These parameters are calculated on-board Spotter, transmitted to the Dashboard for real-time access, and stored on the onboard SD card. Our definitions of these parameters follow general oceanographic practice (see e.g. Kuik et al. 1988, J. Phys. Ocean.) with specific definitions given here:

(Last updated: 4/17/19)

Spotter Bulk Wave Parameters PDF

Mooring Guidelines

Spotter is designed to be used either free-drifting or anchored to the seafloor. If you are planning to anchor Spotter to the seafloor, you need to design and build a mooring. To help you with that we’ve pulled together some guidelines on how you can build a lightweight and low-cost mooring solution.

(Last updated: 10/14/19)

Moorings Guidelines PDF

Spotter Firmware Updates

Whenever a newer firmware version is available for your Spotter, you will be notified on the Dashboard.

Firmware Updates

(Last updated: 10/31/2019)

Spotter Parsing Script

If you are interested in analyzing your SD card data, we recommend downloading the latest parsing script to assist you. The script will help associate your data with a human-readable timestamp as well as translate spectral data into bulk parameters.

Parsing Script Details

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