Trident Update 1.6.0

Announcing OpenROV Cockpit App v1.6.0

We’re excited to share a major update to the OpenROV Cockpit App and Trident vehicle software/firmware. The update enables a telemetry overlay on Trident video recordings. Please update the app to the new version and follow the instructions in the app to update your Trident to the latest software. Detailed instructions are below.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the members of the Trident Pilot’s Group on Facebook for helping us beta test.

Telemetry Overlay

One of the frequent requests from our users has been to incorporate telemetry into the Trident experience. This update provides users with the ability to see Trident data such as depth and heading overlaid on the 1080p high-quality Trident video recording.

This feature can be toggled on and off via the settings in the app. By default, it’s off.

Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Settings > Trident video setting > Enable telemetry data overlay in recorded video
Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Cockpit view when telemetry overlay is ENABLED
Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
1080p video recording with the telemetry overlay

The telemetry overlay will be recorded only on the 1080p high-quality video. The 720p pilot video stream will not have the telemetry overlay regardless of whether the telemetry overlay option is on or off.

The option to record telemetry can be turned off at any time, however any 1080p videos recorded while the option is on will still have the telemetry overlaid and vice-versa.

Update Your App and Vehicle Software

It is crucial that your Trident is up-to-date. Please follow these steps to update your app and vehicle software/firmware:


- Make sure your Trident is fully charged.

- Make sure you have a good WiFi internet connection available.


Note: Your app may update automatically if the device is connected to the internet and charged/charging. If not, follow the steps below:

- Connect your tablet or phone to the internet.

- Open Google Play (sign in or sign up if you haven’t already)

- Go to the “My apps & games” in the menu.

- Go to the “INSTALLED” tab.

- Select the OpenROV App.

- Press “UPDATE.”

- If you don’t see “UPDATE” you will see “OPEN” instead. This means you have the latest version of the App (check to make sure you're connected to the internet). If you see this but think you have an older version of the app you may have to uninstall and reinstall the app (this will erase your past dives, please back those up first).


- Connect your Trident to the topside.

- Confirm three green LEDs on your topside are on.

- Connect your tablet or phone to the Trident WiFi using the SSID and password on the bottom of the topside unit.

- Open the OpenROV Cockpit App.

- Press “Maintenance” in the bottom-right from the home screen.

Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Press "Check for updates"
Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Press "Connect" via the prompt
Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Choose your WiFi connection and connect.
Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Press "Continue"

The prompt window will appear within 1-3 minutes. Note: This window will only appear if both "Current Connection" and "Internet connection" are "Connected."

Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Press “Update available” and follow the prompts.

*This can take a long time depending on your internet connection speed. Please be patient. If any stage of the update takes longer than an hour, close and re-open the app and restart the update process. If you’re still having issues after restarting the update process, send us an email at

Sofar Trident Update 1.6.0
Once the update is complete check to make sure the latest software version matches the current Trident version.

1.6.0 Change-log

  • [OpenROV Cockpit App]
  • Enable telemetry overlay recording, Go to Settings > Trident video setting > Enable telemetry data overlay in recorded video.
  • When telemetry overlay is enabled, only the recorded 1080p video has the overlay. The Recorded 720p pilot video stream does not.
  • When telemetry overlay is enabled, a notification is shown in the pilot view header.
  • Changes made to the manager that downloads 1080p videos from Trident to the device. The major change is that the new manager downloads videos in series rather than trying to download them in parallel when multiple videos are selected to download. Push notifications will only be created once the previous download finishes. This is to prevent overloading low-power controllers like the JXD.
  • In the Trident WiFi manager the word “passphrase” was replaced with “password” to be more in line with common usage.
  • [Trident Software]
  • Image (the install file) size tremendously reduced (now ~600MB from 1.2GB!)
  • Additional measures added to prevent corruption added to video recording
  • Recording server updated avoid crashes when corrupt videos are present
  • New trident-motor-test application (replaces trident-reliability)
  • Improved consistent use of /opt/openrov/ and /data/openrov paths
  • Some major housekeeping including removal of development and testing packages and updates to the DDS QoS processes.

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