Trident Update 1.8.6

We’ve released an update to the App and Trident software that contains some cumulative changes and incremental improvements. An important change included in this update is an improved ESC (electronic speed controller) firmware that will detect and gracefully address edge case issues such as motor fouling and failure. Previous versions of the firmware did not detect these edge cases which could potentially cause overheating or motor damage. With the update your Trident will throttle down power to the motors to avoid damage when they aren’t spinning properly or are seized.

Please update your Trident as soon as possible, as keeping current will improve it’s longevity.

To Update your Trident:

1) Download the latest version of the App from the App Store.

2) Make sure Trident is fully charged and then connect Trident to the Topside as usual.

3) Once connected, switch your device to the Trident WiFi.

4) Start the Trident App and navigate to the “Maintenance” tab.  Press “Check for Updates” and follow the instructions there.

Some additional changes in this update:

App changes

- Added better deadzone handling for controls to improve steering and throttle.

- Added a number of general stability fixes and exception handling

Trident software and firmware

- Implemented a number of stability and CPU usage improvements to the core Trident image.

- Fixed an error where “zero” was sent continuously to the motors from the command pipeline.

- Improved the update process which now attempts to flash the main and ESC firmware three times before failing.

- Fixed a crash on the Trident recording service when closing.

- Made several improvements to the ESC firmware that help with handling and reporting, including graceful handling of min/max speed cases leading to overheating.

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