Collect your own ocean data

Build your own integrated sensor platform with our devices.

Our devices are built to last, designed for usability and affordability, and validated to provide high-fidelity ocean data, in real-time, anywhere on the planet.


Get real-time marine weather data anywhere.

Wind, Wave, and Temperature Data

Spotter collects 3D displacement time series and water temperature data. The 2D wave spectrum, surface wind velocity, and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) are calculated and stored onboard, and user-selected data is transmitted through satellite to the Spotter Dashboard.

Compact & Portable

Spotter can be shipped anywhere around the world, carried by hand, and deployed without any special equipment.

Solar Powered

Self-contained, low maintenance, and always ready to go.

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Spotter + Smart Mooring

Get real-time access to your underwater sensors.

Sensor modularity

Spotter + Smart Mooring provide unprecedented flexibility and modularity. The system is designed to integrate with most sensors. You pick the sensor and at what depth you want it, we take care of the rest.

Easy Deployment

Smart Mooring + Spotter comes as a single package that can be deployed from any size vessel. After deployment, data will start flowing to your Dashboard and API. It is that simple.

Realtime Data

Never worry about whether your sensor is working. Data from sensors is available in real-time in the Spotter Dashboard and API so you always know what is going on.

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