Autonomous Ocean Data & Video

A Modular, Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Coastal, Nearshore, and Inland Waters

Managed Data Service

High Quality Ocean Data: Starting at $450 per day

We make Strider available as a managed data service starting for as little as $450 per day. You define the project and we will deploy Strider to collect the data and video you need.

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Strider Data Parameters

Surface and Subsurface Video




Dissolved Oxygen


Ocean-floor imaging with side-scan sonar

Underwater Acoustics with a hydrophone

GPS Position/Time

Significant wave height

Wave mean/peak period

Wave mean/peak direction

Wave mean/peak directional spread


Portable & Easy-to-Use

Strider can be checked onto commercial flights and deployed by a single person, reducing costs, and enabling a wide range of deployments and missions.

Autonomous Navigation and Routing Logic

Strider navigates to pre-planned waypoint and can seamlessly switch between autonomous mode and remote controls.

Connected via WiFi & 4G

Strider can be controlled manually via long-range WiFi or over 4G through the internet. 

Mission Controls

Multiple Live Video Feeds

Strider provides live streaming from the topside camera for above-water awareness, and an underwater camera for subsurface surveying. 

Real-time Control & Waypoint Setting

Control Strider remotely or simply click a point on a map to autonomously route the ASV to that location.

Sensor Payload Data Display

View the output of water quality parameter sensors, side-scan sonar, or hydrophone through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Explore what you can do

Sofar products are designed to enable a wide-array of uses, from the scientific to the industrial.

Marine Weather

Our solutions help you better understand ocean weather from anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring

Know conditions before you go, and get real-time data from locations around the world.

Science & Research

Our tools make ocean data more accessible to ocean researchers and communities.


Our products help aquaculture farmers know what's going on at their facilities.


Exploration is in our DNA. Rugged and capable tools to know the unknown.


From boat owners to surfers, our solutions can fit any recreational ocean data need.

Custom Solutions

Our products are more than just tools —they're modular platforms to meet your ocean data needs.