Adopt a data-driven monitoring strategy for climate conscious decision-making.

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Monitor water conditions in real time

Configure any combination of sensors in a durable system designed to sustain extreme ocean weather

Customize geofence alerts with remote API access and a user-friendly dashboard

Deploy sensors with ease, with no configuration or calibration needed

Watch global weather 24/7

Access global wave, wind, currents, SST, barometric pressure, precipitation readings in real time

Monitor weather continuously across all five oceans

Maximize performance efficiency with real-time access to global climate insights

See storms before they form

Get accurate, localized storm forecasts and on-demand weather insights

Keep a constant gauge on the sea state with the best weather data

Work with modular systems that play well with other sensors, from hydrophones to barometers

Spotter device


Spotter is a turnkey open-ocean buoy that gives you access to real-time ocean data at your fingertips: wind, waves, sea surface temperatures, and more. Get access to the device, data dashboard, and the API, all in one package.

It all comes in a small, easy-to-deploy package. Spotters are cost-effective, sustainably-powered, and designed to provide the flexibility you need for your projects.  


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Smart Mooring Device

Smart Mooring

Easily integrate a Temperature and/or a Pressure sensor with Spotter as a hub for power and connectivity. No configurations needed: just connect and access your Smart Mooring data right away from our API and dashboard.

With Smart Mooring, anyone from a citizen scientist to a natural resource manager can equip Spotter with any combination of sensors in the water column for immediate access to that data.

Case Study: USGS/NOAA Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast

Next-generation real-time oceanographic instrumentation

USGS is deploying Smart Moorings to collect real-time water level data. This information will be used to assess the skill of the USGS/NOAA Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast, which provides real-time forecasts of water levels and coastal change along nearly 3,000 miles of the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

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