Aquaculture Inspection and Monitoring

Get the full picture of what's going on underwater at your aquaculture facility.

Deploy in Any Pen


Whether it's salmon, striped bass, mussels or any other critter, Trident is quick and nimble in the smallest pens.

Stop Sending Divers


Save yourself time and money by only send diver's when it's 100% necessary.

Get the Best Point of View


Fixed camera angles don't tell the whole story. Use real-time video to give you the perspective you need.

Use Cases

  • Cage and net inspection
  • Invasive species inspection
  • Live video during feedings
  • Inexpensive alternative to divers
  • Inexpensive alternative to divers
  • Infrastructure inspection

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How it's being used

Luis R.

Production Control/R&D Manager

"...extremely pleased with its performance, capabilities and how user friendly it is. We have been using it quite often since it arrived, for cage maintenance inspections, seafloor bottom benthic monitoring, and recently we have used it to check on our mooring and anchor systems which are in deeper water than our divers are allowed to go."

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