Adopt a data-driven monitoring strategy for climate conscious decision-making.

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Monitor water conditions in real time

Configure any combination of sensors in a durable system designed to sustain extreme ocean weather

Customize geofence alerts with remote API access and a user-friendly dashboard

Deploy sensors with ease, with no configuration or calibration needed

Watch global
weather 24/7

Access global wave, wind, currents, SST, barometric pressure, precipitation readings in real time

Monitor weather continuously across all five oceans

Maximize performance efficiency with real-time access to global climate insights

See storms before they form

Get accurate, localized storm forecasts and on-demand weather insights

Keep a constant gauge on the sea state with the best weather data

Work with modular systems that play well with other sensors, from hydrophones to barometers


Tap into the first and only planetary-scale ocean data network, with uninterrupted wave, wind, and temperature insights at your fingertips

Coordinate safe and efficient operations with continuously optimized weather forecasts

Examine live sensor insights from a globally distributed array with fullstack connectivity

Sofar Ocean

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