Custom Solutions

Our products were designed to be more than just tools —they're platforms. We want to hear about your ocean data needs and look forward to designing and building integrated data solutions together.

Make it Your Own


Spotter can be extended to integrate with other sensors that can then utilize it’s power and communication systems to relay information in real-time.

Trident is open-source and has mechanical attachment points for easy integration with other devices – everything you need to customize Trident to the specific task you need performed.

Global Coverage


Our platforms have already been deployed all around our planet, from the Southern Ocean to the tropics. Through reliable satellite connectivity, we provide truly global coverage and unlimited 24/7 access to your data, no matter where you are.

Global Ocean Missions


If you have an ocean mission that requires custom data collection let us know. We have custom development services for customers interested in large scale global deployments.

Use Cases

  • New sensor hardware
  • Government regulated orders
  • Custom API connections
  • Weather modeling
  • Specialized model data outputs

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