Environmental Monitoring

Know conditions before you go, and get real-time data from locations around the world.

Easy to Deploy


Whether you are an expert or beginner, we design our tools for useability. Deploying ocean tools should be simple.

Remote Capabilities


Satellite connectivity and seamless system integration gives you unlimited 24/7 access to your data and Spotters, anywhere in the world.

Data Quality


Smart sensors, onboard data storage, and dashboard connectivity, provide nearly unlimited access to your data.

Use Cases

  • Monitor wave and wind conditions
  • Run fish-count transects
  • Observe conditions over benthic environments
  • Understand severe weather events
  • Add geo-spatial data to models

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Look at what people are already doing...

Spotter Improves Marine Forecasts in Fiji

New buoy technology provides better wave forecasts and ocean weather data for remote islands with critical coral ecology challenges.

Close Encounter With A Great White Shark

Dominik Fretz took his Trident to Isla Guadalupe to help shark researchers. Watch the video for a close-up view of a Great White Shark bite.

Safer and Easier Insepections with Melbourne Water

Why send a person when a robot can do it? Explore new ways to use drones to inspect water management assets and infrastructure.

Spotter Array Explores the Southern Ocean

After a year-long 4,000 mile voyage through the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean, while being exposed to some of the largest waves on the planet, Spotters cross the stormy waters of the Drake Passage.

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