Rugged, capable tools for knowing the unknown.

Exceptional Build Quality


Built to withstand the harshest ocean conditions

Intuitive Controls


Simple designs make for a minimal learning curve.

Discovery Made Easy


A small size means you can carry and deploy it by hand from any size vessel.

Use Cases

  • Eco-tourism
  • Cave diving
  • Shipwreck discovery and visual inspection
  • Public safety and law enforcement
  • Commercial inspection

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Trident Films Orcas Annual Feeding Frenzy in the Arctic Circle

Every year, high above the arctic circle, groups of orcas and humpback whales come to feed in the fjords of Norway.

Inspiring Girls to Build and Explore (with Underwater Robots)

Two amazing women are touring the country with an underwater robot camp for girls to learn to be leaders in science and exploration

Using Trident to Teach Maritime Heritage and Archeology

Trident captures the excitement of underwater discovery, giving the controls to participants and bringing them a real-life experience of underwater science.

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