Use cases


Bring ocean data and visuals to visitors by creating interactive exhibits, tools and events with Spotter, Strider, Trident and the Sofar Weather API.

Shipwreck Discovery and Visual Inspection

Utilize Strider to perform bathymetric surveying of potential shipwreck areas and deploy Trident to capture stunning visuals and perform inspections.

Commercial Inspection

Deploy Strider and Trident to perform inspections on boats and docking facilities with ease.

Cave Diving

Utilize Trident to explore tight, water-filled caves and get visuals on places a diver can't easily access.



Spotter lets you collect ocean data where you need it and access real-time updates on the go.

Deploy With Ease

Deploy it once and control it remotely. Spotter is a complete end-to-end system. You turn it on, deploy it, and data appears in your dashboard. It’s that simple.

An End-to-end Ocean Data System

Spotter combines the hardware, software, and mobile access to give you everything you need to start collecting, viewing, and sharing real-time ocean weather data.

High-Fidelity Data

Smart use of mobile sensor technology, combined with science-based analysis methods, provides exceptional data quality.



Trident enables exploring the underwater world, surveying underwater bathymetry and reefs, or inspecting equipment and installations, without the cost, complexity and risk of diving.

Capture Captivating Video

Trident's advanced color correction algorithms allow you to see underwater in all its colors. Stream live with low-latency and record in full HD simultaneously.

Tough-as-Nails Design

Trident is built to be deployed anywhere and is tough enough to earn its keep in any professional setting. It's ultra-compact and lightweight so you can bring it in carry-on luggage or launch it from a kayak.

Easy To Pilot

Live video is streamed back to the surface over an ultra-thin kevlar-reinforced tether, then directly to your easy-to-use Trident Controller over WiFi.



Strider is an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) that combines the latest in autonomous navigation and remote controls, with complete modularity. Consistent with Sofar’s philosophy, it is designed for  usability and affordability.

Portable & Easy-to-Use

Strider can be checked into commercial airlines and deployed by a single person. This reduces personnel costs, shipping costs, and enables a wide range of deployments and missions.

Payload Integration

Strider integrates with most instruments right away, and can be customized for specific data collection requirements.

Real-time Control & Waypoint Setting

Control Strider remotely or simply click a point on a map to autonomously route the ASV to that location..


Weather API

A real-time, distributed weather sensor network in the Pacific Basin consisting of 150 nodes. The weather dashboard provides easy access to the buoy network Sofar’s hindcast and forecast model data.

Access Data Through a Robust API

All of our real-time sensor and model forecast data is available through our API.

Historical Data and Climatologies

Sofar’s cloud-based data infrastructure ingests and stores more than 30 years of historical surface wind, surface wave and ocean circulation data for our entire planet. And we provide on-demand climatologies anywhere

Custom Data Solutions

Sofar Weather can provide custom data products for specific applications

Other Uses

Marine Weather

Our solutions help you better understand ocean weather from anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring

Know conditions before you go, and get real-time data from locations around the world.

Science & Research

Our tools make ocean data more accessible to ocean researchers and communities.


Our products help aquaculture farmers know what's going on at their facilities.


Exploration is in our DNA. Rugged and capable tools to know the unknown.


From boat owners to surfers, our solutions can fit any recreational ocean data need.

Custom Solutions

Our products are more than just tools —they're modular platforms to meet your ocean data needs.