Marine Research

Fast-track marine research and cross-collaborate with an all-in-one weather station designed to be built upon.

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Customize your sensor stack

Access high-fidelity wave, wind, currents, SST, barometric pressure, and precipitation measurements

Mix and match sensors of your choosing for multi-pronged use

Design a distributed array with end-to-end satellite connectivity

Connect remotely from anywhere

Collect live and accessible insights on pre-calibrated devices

Receive weather alerts remotely with global weather data available on demand

Obtain live data by satellite, even from a low-bandwidth connection

Deploy quickly with ease

Throw the Spotter buoy overboard, anywhere, for immediate ocean insights

Don’t worry about harsh conditions — Spotter is solar powered and sustainably designed to withstand harsh conditions with minimal biofouling

Scale distributed sensor networks with dense data ingestion

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At Sofar, we’re committed to advancing ocean research and innovation to build a more sustainable future for humanity. To this end, we’re supporting all scientists at sea in their ocean innovation efforts.
Get direct and easy API access to the largest global ocean data sensor network.

Why Sofar?

Ingest live mesoscale conditions from the first and only planetary-scale ocean data network

Use highly accurate weather data to take advantage of favorable conditions on the water

Deploy modular devices designed for flexible, multi-pronged usage

Sofar Ocean

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