Marine Weather

Get real-time marine weather updates, from anywhere.

Easy Deployments


Turn it on, drop it in the water, and wave and wind data show up on your dashboard. It’s that simple.

An End-to-end Ocean Data System


Spotter combines the hardware, software, and mobile access to give you everything you need to start collecting, viewing, and sharing real-time ocean weather data.

Data Quality


Smart use of mobile sensor technology, combined with science-based analysis methods, provides exceptional data quality.

Use Cases

  • Data to improve ocean forecasts
  • Predict coastal erosion
  • Real-time wave and swell measurements
  • Understand severe weather events
  • Measure ocean currents

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Look at what people are already doing...

Spotter Improves Marine Forecasts in Fiji

New buoy technology provides better wave forecasts and ocean weather data for remote islands with critical coral ecology challenges.

Connecting Mavericks

For a big wave surfer, knowing the exact wave conditions matters. Grant Washburn deployed a Spotter just offshore of Mavericks, California's big-wave surfspot.

Spotter Array Explores the Southern Ocean

After a year-long 4,000 mile voyage through the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean, while being exposed to some of the largest waves on the planet, Spotters cross the stormy waters of the Drake Passage.

Spotter Meets 3D Vision in the Mediterranean Sea

The ISMAR research team led by Dr. Alvise Benetazzo uses Spotters to study the interaction between atmosphere and ocean.

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