Offshore Energy

Historical and live ocean data for safe and efficient operations offshore.

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Achieve vertical data density

Deploy robust hardware with remote data access from anywhere in the ocean.

Gain insights down the water column in an all-in-one ocean surface weather station.

Work with modular device components built to last, so you can focus on what matters.

Leverage reliable ocean insights

Access high-fidelity wave, wind, currents, sea surface temperature, and barometric pressure data.

Scale on the coast or offshore with safety and sustainability top of mind.

Achieve cost savings, safety, and reliability across any ocean vertical.

Stay ahead of extreme weather

Prevent accidents before they happen with real-time storm updates.

Make informed decisions when it counts with the best weather data.

Improve offshore asset integrity with devices designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Spotter device


Spotter is a turnkey open-ocean buoy that gives you access to real-time ocean data at your fingertips: wind, waves, sea surface temperatures, and more. Get access to the device, data dashboard, and the API, all in one package.

It all comes in a small, easy-to-deploy package. Spotters are cost-effective, sustainably-powered, and designed to provide the flexibility you need for your projects.  


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Smart Mooring Device

Smart Mooring

Easily integrate a Temperature and/or a Pressure sensor with Spotter as a hub for power and connectivity. No configurations needed: just connect and access your Smart Mooring data right away from our API and dashboard.

With Smart Mooring, anyone from a citizen scientist to a natural resource manager can equip Spotter with any combination of sensors in the water column for immediate access to that data.

Eco Wave Power Installs Spotter Buoy
Eco Wave Power Installs Spotter Buoy

Eco Wave Power uses a Sofar Spotter to track wind and wave data near the only grid-connected wave energy array in the world.
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Access live, accessible, immediate ocean data and insights at a planetary scale

Employ proactive route optimization with the best weather data

Improve fuel efficiency and business reliability with high fidelity insights and full-stack connectivity
Improve your business efficiency across safety, reliability, and cost-savings
Comply with existing and upcoming regulations with routes that prioritize emission reductions