Offshore Energy

Historical and live ocean data for safe and efficient operations offshore.

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Achieve vertical data density

Deploy robust hardware with remote data access from anywhere in the ocean

Gain insights down the water column in an all-in-one ocean surface weather station

Work with modular device components built to last, so you can focus on what matters

Leverage reliable ocean insights

Access live wave, wind, currents, SST, barometric pressure, and precipitation measurements

Scale on the coast or offshore with safety and sustainability top of mind

Achieve cost-savings, safety, and reliability across any ocean vertical

Small boat navigating through water with broken ice and a couple spotter buoys

Stay ahead of extreme weather

Prevent accidents before they happen with real-time storm updates

Make informed decisions when it counts with the best weather data

Improve offshore asset integrity with devices designed to withstand harsh conditions


Employ high-fidelity insights to power mission-critical projects with the first and only planetary-scale ocean data network

Avoid adverse weather impacts with more accurate ground truths and the best weather forecasts

Improve efficiency and ensure safety with industry-specific ocean insights

Sofar Ocean

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