Science & Research

We designed our tools to enable researchers and ocean communities to get more ocean data and explore new, more agile deployment and modeling strategies.

Easy to use


Get the data you need without added complications or complexity.

Extendable platform


Ability to mount payloads for additional sensor capacity.

Collaborative Community


Join the thousands of other researchers who are using our tools to answer important environmental questions.

Use Cases

  • Monitoring coral health
  • Measuring benthic marine diversity and distribution
  • Measuring environmental conditions around island nations
  • Observe senstive areas, wildlife or objects of interest
  • Collecting data in remote ocean areas

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Look at what people are already doing...

Spotter Improves Marine Forecasts in Fiji

New buoy technology provides better wave forecasts and ocean weather data for remote islands with critical coral ecology challenges.

In Search of the Mysterious Megamouth Shark 

Join a small team of researches who are racing to save a newly discovered species of deep sea shark from overfishing.

Monitoring Great White Sharks off the Coast of San Francisco

Remote technology gets face-to-face with the ocean's top predator near a remote cluster of islands knowns as the Devil's Teeth.

Spotter Array Explores the Southern Ocean

After a year-long 4,000 mile voyage through the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean, while being exposed to some of the largest waves on the planet, Spotters cross the stormy waters of the Drake Passage.

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