Reliable and Accurate Storm Surge Measurement

Get real-time water level measurements from our easily deployed Spotter systems with integrated pressure sensors

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Accurate and hyperlocal

Deploy your own Spotter and Smart Mooring  to gather high-fidelity and real-time wave, wind, barometric pressure, water level, etc. data.

Improve model skill (forecast and hindcast)

Easily validate and calibrate your regional water level models.

Real-time alerts

Easily set alert thresholds for water level, waves, and other ocean parameters to notify operations and your community of risky scenarios.

Spotter device


Spotter is a turnkey open-ocean buoy that gives you access to real-time ocean data at your fingertips: wind, waves, sea surface temperatures, and more. Get access to the device, data dashboard, and the API, all in one package.

It all comes in a small, easy-to-deploy package. Spotters are cost-effective, sustainably-powered, and designed to provide the flexibility you need for your projects.  


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Smart Mooring Device

Smart Mooring

Easily integrate a Temperature and/or a Pressure sensor with Spotter as a hub for power and connectivity. No configurations needed: just connect and access your Smart Mooring data right away from our API and dashboard.

With Smart Mooring, anyone from a citizen scientist to a natural resource manager can equip Spotter with any combination of sensors in the water column for immediate access to that data.

Storm Wave Monitoring in Rio de Janeiro
Storm Wave Monitoring in Rio de Janeiro

Learn how the Marine Meteorological Service of Brazil was able to mobilize and deploy a Spotter buoy within hours of receiving a storm warning affecting Copacabana Beach.
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Access live, accessible, immediate ocean data and insights at a planetary scale

Employ proactive route optimization with the best weather data

Improve fuel efficiency and business reliability with high fidelity insights and full-stack connectivity
Improve your business efficiency across safety, reliability, and cost-savings
Comply with existing and upcoming regulations with routes that prioritize emission reductions