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How Climate Change and Recent Shipping Disasters Highlight the Urgent Need for Real-Time Ocean Data

Real-time data and better forecasts can optimize shipping routes and improve maritime safety.

How Ports and Harbors Can Run Safely With Ocean Buoy Data

Ocean buoy wind and wave data, as well as tidal predictions, can help harbormasters manage the influx of port traffic.

Ask an Expert: Captain Gaurav Lal on What's Next for the Ever Given

We speak with Master Mariner and former Maersk Captain Gaurav Lal on what to expect next for the Ever Given.

When to Skip the Suez Canal for the Cape of Good Hope

Supply chain complexity requires tightly coordinated schedules, but with this complexity comes risk. With the closing of the Suez Canal due to the grounding of the Evergreen's Ever Given container ship, we look at what factors go into to making the decision to reroute a ship.

7 Tools for Selecting Better Shipping Routes

Ocean freight logistics companies are using these tools and strategies to optimize marine shipping routes and save time and money.

Decarbonization in the Shipping Industry: 2021 Outlook

The marine shipping industry is one of the biggest contributors to GHG emissions. Here’s how the sector can make progress toward decarbonization in 2021.

Why Real-Time Data Matters to the Maritime Industry

There’s potential for the maritime shipping industry to become more lucrative, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. How? Click here to find out.

Trends in Maritime Logistics for 2021

How better data, new tools, and global consumption trends will change shipping routes in the next year.