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What is a Storm Surge and What Causes It?

Lack of education in coastal communities around the world makes storm surges particularly dangerous. Learn more about storm surges in this guide.

Protecting Populations from Coastal Flooding: Promoting Resiliency with Technology

As coastal flooding is becoming more and more devastating, here’s how communities can prepare.

Hurricane Aftermath: Improving Response Strategies and Recovery Plan

Collecting accurate, real-time data is critical to improving the response and recovery to tropical storms and hurricanes.

How To Plan Ahead For Rougher And More Dangerous Coastal Storm Surges

Preparing for a coastal storm surge takes the proper combination of data, modeling, and assuming the worst. Here’s what to do if you’re in the path of a storm surge.

How Data Can Reduce the Impact of Hurricanes

Data used in seasonal hurricane forecasting and tracking hurricanes can provide stronger early warning systems and help communities prepare.

Why We Need Weather Buoys to Track Coastal Storm Surge

Hurricanes are intensifying, but the technology we use to track hurricanes is simultaneously becoming more advanced.

5 Smart Ways to Prepare for Extreme Weather

As climate change causes extreme weather to get more extreme, here are five ways communities can better prepare.