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Smart Mooring

5 Smart Ways to Prepare for Extreme Weather

As climate change causes extreme weather to get more extreme, here are five ways communities can better prepare.

Combating Ocean Acidification and Climate Change with Underwater Forests

As ocean acidification gets worse, scientists are racing to plant more marine vegetation to reduce the impact of climate change and restore the health of our oceans.

How PTTEP Protects Thailand's Maritime Environment with Smart Mooring

Learn how the PTT Exploration and Production company of Thailand uses Spotter + Smart Mooring to help with site characterization and wave energy studies in their effort to preserve Thailand's precious maritime resources.

What is Biofouling and How Can We Stop It?

Biofouling impacts everything from ocean buoys to massive cargo ships; here’s what marine biofouling is and how we can prevent it.

Overcoming Coastal Challenges in the U.S. with Moored Buoy Networks

We know that the U.S. coastlines are becoming increasingly hazardous. How do we monitor them and mitigate the hazards? It starts with moored weather buoys.