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How Jennette's Pier and CSI Use Spotters to Enhance Wave Energy Development

North Carolina based Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) and Jennette's Pier utilize Sofar Spotters to improve data models in Marine Hydrokinetic Energy areas, and test additional innovations including biofouling protection coating.

Iterating faster with a modular-first approach to hardware architecture

Can hardware engineering and development cycles match those of software? At Sofar Ocean, we believe that we can produce rugged, durable, and mission-critical hardware quickly and iteratively by taking a modular approach.

How Ocean Buoys Can Help Seabird Conservation

Ocean buoys aren't just for marine conservation: they're also helping track and aid the conservation of sea birds

Storm wave monitoring and buoy data validation at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Sofar Spotter buoy is an ideal rapid response data observation platform. Within hours of a storm alert, the Brazilian Navy was able to deploy a Spotter buoy off the coast of Rio de Janeiro to capture in situ wave and weather data.

Improving Hurricane Observations with Data from Scalable Sensor Networks

Examining the advantages of a distributed data collection network during peak cyclone season in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

How Ports and Harbors Can Run Safely With Ocean Buoy Data

Ocean buoy wind and wave data, as well as tidal predictions, can help harbormasters manage the influx of port traffic.

How the University of Tokyo Measures Arctic Sea-Ice Interactions with Spotters

The University of Tokyo chose Sofar Spotters to conduct studies at high latitudes to better understand the nature of sea-ice interaction. The Spotter buoys were both resilient and able to provide meaningful data to the team even after spending the winter in the harsh Arctic Ocean.

How Spotter Buoys Support the Brazilian Navy's Antarctic Weather Mission

The Brazilian Navy chose Sofar Spotters to support their weather research and monitoring mission in the Southern Ocean.

What is Biofouling and How Can We Stop It?

Biofouling impacts everything from ocean buoys to massive cargo ships; here’s what marine biofouling is and how we can prevent it.