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Smart Mooring Product Documentation & Onboarding

Team Sofar

Smart Mooring

Smart Mooring is the underwater extension of our Spotter buoy. It anchors Spotter to the seafloor and expands its sensing capabilities beneath the surface.

The resources below are crowdsourced from the Sofar community, experts, and colleagues around the world. Thank you to everyone who has generously helped and/or shared their experience.

Disclaimer: Sofar maintains these resources as living documents and they do not function as official technical support or product documentation. Specifications, product information, and other information is subject to change and the latest information may not be available in these resources.

If you have any questions or find something that is not addressed here, please don't hesitate to email support@sofarocean.com.

Specification Sheets

Spotter and Smart Mooring Specification Sheet

Mooring Design

Mooring Design and Best Practices for Smart Mooring


Attaching In-Line Buoyancy
Attaching Surface Float

Included and Recommended Mooring Hardware

Sensors and Payloads

Accessing and Interpreting Smart Mooring Data
Seafloor Placement for Sensors & Payloads


Using an Acoustic Release for Conventional and Smart Moorings

Archive [for Smart Moorings Shipped Prior to July 2022]

Casket Mount Assembly for RBRCoda3 Sensors [version 2 and earlier - prior to July 2022]
Isolating and Checking Smart Mooring Sensor Modules [version 2 and earlier - prior to July 2022]

Servicing and Assembling Nodes [version 2 and earlier - prior to July 2022]

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