The ocean weather platform to collect data anywhere.

Ocean weather data is sparse and hard to come by. Spotter is out to change that with a usable design and outstanding data quality. Through the dashboard, you can access data from anywhere, change settings on your device, set alerts and notifications, and share data with others through the mobile app. Spotter lets you collect ocean data where you need it and access real-time updates on the go.

Spotter in Action

Deploy With Ease

Deploy it once and control it remotely. Spotter is a complete end-to-end system. You turn it on, deploy it, and data appears in your dashboard. It’s that simple.

Real-time Data, Sharing
and API.

With 24/7 satellite connectivity, real-time weather data and system updates are always available. You can share the data through the included mobile App or use the Spotter API to forward real-time and historical data to wherever you want.

Weather Alerts

You can set your personalized weather conditions to receive an alert. That way you never miss a weather window. Our integrated geofencing feature alerts you if your Spotter isn’t exactly where you want it.

Spotter Buoy


The combination of solar panels and rechargeable battery means that you never have to worry about running out of power. Spotter is always ready to go.

Rugged Design

The ocean is a rough place. Every part of Spotter is built to withstand the harshest ocean elements in any weather condition, anywhere on our planet.

Compact and Portable

Roughly the size of a basketball, Spotter can be shipped anywhere around the world, carried by hand, and deployed without any special equipment.

Buy Spotter online

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Deploy Spotter on the water

Deploy Anywhere

Use Spotter to collect data from anywhere

Collect Data

Spotter Data Points

Spotter data points
Spotter wind


  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
Spotter wave


  • Significant wave height
  • Mean & peak period
  • Mean & peak direction

Explore the Spotter Dashboard

The Spotter dashboard provides access to real-time and historical data and enables you to change your Spotters’ settings from anywhere in the world. You can set up alerts for weather conditions or get notified if your Spotter is outside of its geofence. You can also access data using the API or share your data with the Spotter mobile App.

Deployment Options

5.4 KG 12LBS
limited warranty
within 2 weeks
First year included
starting at $84/month on-going
MEasurements & dimensions
42cm 16.4”
Spotter measurements top
potter measurement front
31cm 12.2”

Buying Options

100 meter tether

1 Spotter + 1 Year of Iridium

$4,900 each

Trident hard case

3-9 Spotters + 1 Year of Iridium

$4,700 each

Trident controller

10+ Spotters

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Does Spotter have to be moored, or can it be free floating?

You can do both. Spotter can be moored in place for wave measurements, or be used as a wave-enabled Lagrangian drifter to measure both waves and track surface currents. The Spotter on-board analysis is designed with free drifting in mind, and will continue to measure waves accurately even in fast flowing currents.


How much global data service is included with Spotter?

Spotter comes with a free, one-year global data package. This free data period starts when you turn on your Spotter for the first time after registration, or within 3 months after registration, whichever comes first. The period of use is based on the standard transmission rate in Waves mode, but you will have full access to two-way communication and Track mode, and any new features we would make available during the period your real-time subscription is active.


Do I have to service my Spotter?

You don’t. Spotter is designed to operate continuously with no need for maintenance or servicing. Only thing it may need after prolonged deployment is a quick cleaning to remove marine fouling and growth, which in severe cases may affect motion response.

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