Explore the underwater world with Trident

The most capable, rugged and easy-to-use underwater drone.

Sofar has discontinued sales of the Trident ROV

We will continue to provide product support and sell accessories until June 30, 2021. We are in the process of making all Trident platform documentation available as an open-source project to the ROV community. If you are interested in the open-source project, please complete this form from our friends at Mission Robotics: https://missionrobotics.us/trident/


Trident - 100 meter tether

100 Meter Tether

Extend Trident's dive range to the full 100 meter depth rating. This is an essential accessory for any deep or distant diving situations.

Trident - 100 meter tether

Trident Hard Case

A carry-on luggage sized hard case offers the ultimate portability. The hard case is important if you are traveling, using in poor weather, or on a boat.

Trident in Action

Things you should know

Easy to Pilot

Live video is streamed back to the surface over an ultra-thin kevlar-reinforced tether, then directly to your easy-to-use Trident Controller over WiFi.

Rugged Design

A hardened sapphire lens protects the camera from any scratches–unless you fly into a diamond for some reason.

Rugged Motors

Custom brushless motors that are specifically designed to last in saltwater and resist wear from sand and sediments.

Custom Payloads

Trident is open source and can be extended to include custom sensors or modules as add-ons. These can be attached to our payload area.

100 Meter Max Depth

3 Hour Drive Time

2 M/S Top Speed

Measurements & dimensions

41cm 16.1”

Total weight

3.4 KG 7.5 LBS

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Camera Resolution


1080p @ 30fps

Live on device

720p @ 30fps

System Requirements

For the best experience use Trident Controller

All android devices version 5.1 and higher also supported

Operating Temperature

-2°C to 40°C

28.4°F to 104°F

Tether Breaking Strength

100 KG.



Trident will ship within

3 Business Days

Multiple shipping options are available


6 Month

Full warranty

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How do I control Trident?

Trident can be controlled with a modern Android phone or tablet running Android 5.1 or later using the OpenROV App. We are working on an iOS app as well but don’t have a set date for a launch. We also offer a dedicated controller we recommend..

Do I need WIFI to use Trident? What if I don't have cell service?

The Trident Topside creates its own WiFi network to send video and control signals between Trident and your device. You only need internet access to update your software or upload your videos

If I am shipping outside the U.S., what import taxes and duties do I need to pay?

Duties and taxes are required for importing goods into most countries. Every country has its own set of rules, taxes, and duties. Before ordering you should be aware of the possible charges. There are a few online calculators that can help you estimate your total landed cost but they are not guaranteed to be accurate. We recommend this calculator to get an idea of the costs that you will incur. The harmonization code for Trident is 8525.80.5050. In some instances your country may prefer a different numbering scheme for the last four digits, so if you are having trouble with the first code, try 8525.80.0000.