Marine weather data you can trust

Our network of marine weather sensors provides real time confidence and reduces forecast uncertainty by up to 50%.

Ready to maximize voyage earnings and safety? Explore Wayfinder ship routing.

Our Wayfinder app provides captains with routing guidance that accounts for weather, market variability, charter party, and sea keeping. The objective optimization evaluates over 100 million route options every 6 hours, to provide dynamically updated waypoints and speed profiles on your operating schedule.

We own and operate the largest open-ocean weather sensor network. By assimilating this data into our global weather model, we produce wave and swell forecasts that are 20%-50% more accurate than NOAA and ECMWF.

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The most accurate marine weather forecast. Anywhere.

Marine weather forecasts have been unreliable because they lack accurate real-time data. Our privately-owned network of open ocean sensors fills this data gap and reduces uncertainty in marine weather forecasts by up to 50%. A few lines of code give you more accurate real-time conditions and the best forecasts across our world's oceans.

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Collect your own data? Check out our ocean tools

We are passionate about enabling you to collect ocean data and explore the underwater world. Our ocean tools are built to last, designed for usability and affordability, and validated to provide high-fidelity ocean data.


Get real-time marine weather data anywhere.

Wind, Wave, and Temperature Data

Spotter collects 3D displacement time series and water temperature data. The 2D wave spectrum, surface wind velocity, and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) are calculated and stored onboard, and user-selected data is transmitted through satellite to the Spotter Dashboard.

Compact & Portable

Spotter can be shipped anywhere around the world, carried by hand, and deployed without any special equipment.

Solar Powered

Self-contained, low maintenance, and always ready to go.

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Explore the underwater world with ease.

Tough & Portable

Trident is a ruggedized underwater tool, designed to operate in any condition. The ultra-compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your backpack, and launch from your kayak. Trident's speed and maneuverability can get you to places that divers can’t go.

Amazing Underwater Video

Stream live from your phone or tablet in low-latency, and record in full HD simultaneously.

Elegant Controls

Trident’s intuitive controls make it easy to fly so you can focus on the mission at hand. For remote missions, the Strider autonomous surface vehicle can provide topside communications to Trident.

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Spotter + Smart Mooring

Get real-time access to your underwater sensors.

Sensor modularity

Spotter + Smart Mooring provide unprecedented flexibility and modularity. The system is designed to integrate with most sensors. You pick the sensor and at what depth you want it, we take care of the rest.

Easy Deployment

Smart Mooring + Spotter comes as a single package that can be deployed from any size vessel. After deployment, data will start flowing to your Dashboard and API. It is that simple.

Real-time Data

Never worry about whether your sensor is working. Data from sensors is available in real-time in the Spotter Dashboard and API so you always know what is going on.

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Success stories

Our products are used worldwide by amazing people and organizations to collect data, create ocean awareness, and build ocean industries.

Oceanographic Consultancy

MetOcean Solutions

After a year-long 4,000 mile voyage through the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean, while being exposed to some of the largest waves on the planet, Spotters cross the stormy waters of the Drake Passage.

Educational Program

Australian National Maritime Museum

Trident captures the excitement of underwater discovery, giving the controls to participants and bringing them a real-life experience of underwater science.

Marine renewables

Wave Swell Energy

Wave Swell Energy has partnered with Sofar to deploy a Spotter for their wave energy project on King Island, Tasmania, Australia, to demonstrate the commercial viability of their proprietary Uniwave technology when deployed at large scale.

Oceanographic Consultancy

SPC Fiji

Spotter buoy in Fiji is using new approaches to monitor surrounding coastal waters.  It uses a combination of temperature and wave height monitoring sensors deployed on a moored buoy to provide high resolution ocean data for researchers, policy-makers and maritime commerce.