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Trident Underwater Drone

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Ocean sensors and drones made easy.

Get real-time marine weather with Spotter.
Explore the underwater world with Trident.

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Spotter Buoy

Data Quality

Spotter is designed and tested to provide real time and historical data on winds and waves in any ocean conditions.


Spotter is compact and portable, so that it can be deployed by hand from all types of vessels from container ships to kayaks. The system is solar powered, and satellite-connected out-the-box.

Real-Time Data on Your
Phone & Laptop

Spotter is fully integrated with an online dashboard and mobile App. This means that you can access and share real-time ocean weather data from anywhere in the world.

Trident Underwater Drone

Tough & Portable

Trident was built to withstand harsh ocean environments and the heaviest of workloads. It’s rugged. It’s also still portable enough to take anywhere.

Amazing Underwater Video

Trident is optimized for underwater filming with excellent color rendition. Stream live in low-latency and record in full HD simultaneously.

Elegant Controls

Piloting Trident doesn’t take any special training. It’s easy and intuitive to control and works right of the box.

Success Stories

MetOcean Solutions

Oceanographic Consultancy

After a year-long 4,000 mile voyage through the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean, while being exposed to some of the largest waves on the planet, Spotters cross the stormy waters of the Drake Passage.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Educational Program

Trident captures the excitement of underwater discovery, giving the controls to participants and bringing them a real-life experience of underwater science.

Grant Washburn

Big Wave Surfer

For a big wave surfer, knowing the exact wave conditions matters. Grant Washburn has been surfing Mavericks, California’s big-wave surf spot, for over 28 years. To get real-time data where it matters, Grant deployed a Spotter just offshore of Mavericks.