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Research & Universities

Research-grade products for scalable ocean data collection with simple sensor configuration capabilities

Maritime Shipping

We own and operate the largest open ocean data sensor network, providing 50% more accurate forecasts for dynamic ship routing

Offshore Energy

Wireless buoy arrays for resource characterization and monitoring to increase Mwh output of your wind, solar, and wave energy assets

Ports & Harbors

Increase shipping traffic safely with tidal predictions, storm surge data, dredging assessments, and predict harbor seiching


Monitor the health of your farm with multiple sensors for water column stratification, sub-surface properties, currents, and water quality

Coastal Engineering

Collect metocean data and run local models for design of structures, operational planning, and environmental impact assessments

The Sofar Ecosystem

The Sofar Ocean real-time ocean intelligence platform is powered by thousands of coastal and open ocean drifter buoys covering the world’s oceans. It provides real-time wave, wind, temperature, currents, in addition to forecast and hindcast data, as well as other types of intelligence.

Ocean IoT

A robust distributed sensor platform with integrated solar power, satellite data connectivity, and modular sensor payload capabilities for the most demanding marine applications.

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Apps and Data

Modern APIs provide access to our global marine weather forecast model which assimilates the sensor data with those of NOAA and ECMWF for applications such as dynamic ship routing.

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Success Stories

Our products are used worldwide by amazing people and organizations to collect data, create ocean awareness, and build ocean industries.

Swimsol is an Austrian-Maldivian company that is specialized in developing floating solar systems for marine environments.

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The purchase and operating cost of the Spotter is much lower than the large buoy so we are now using it as our primary offshore wave data source and have purchased a second spotter to allow them to be regularly swapped over while moorings are checked and biofouling removed.

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In the world of aquaculture it is important to get the full-picture of what is going on the surface and underwater at your facility. Whether inspecting cages and pens, getting live video during feedings or monitoring for invasive species, or monitoring live ocean weather at your site, knowledge is a valuable tool for aquaculture farms. 

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Historical and real-time access to marine data is paramount to the success of marine operations. Marine renewable energy programs require accurate environmental conditions at all stages: site characterisation and energy potential assessment, design criteria, construction, performance and fatigue analysis.

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