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A voyage optimization platform using high-accuracy ocean weather forecasts to reduce fuel and emissions for maritime shipping.
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Spotter Platform

An extensible ocean sensing platform accelerating marine research and powering sustainable commercial solutions.
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Propelling ocean insights with the world's largest privately-owned network of marine weather sensors
Each day, our global Spotter network makes more than 1.5 million real-time observations of waves and other ocean variables.”
Customers Moving
Sustainability Forward
"Eagle Bulk has a track record for leveraging data to make the best decisions. Sofar Ocean’s real-time sensor-derived ocean data allows our onboard and shoreside teams to dynamically optimize speed and routing decisions with safety, cost, and emissions benefits."
Director of Fleet Performance, Eagle Bulk
Jonathan Dowsett
"Star Bulk has been focusing on voyage optimization for several years to minimize our costs and reduce emissions, and we are always on the look-out for new products that use advanced technologies. What we like about Sofar’s services is that they use a large network of ocean weather sensors to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting, and we expect that this should allow us to further optimize our fleet’s routes and speeds."
Energy Efficiency Director, Star Bulk
George Mantalos
"Wayfinder allows us to increase vessel utilization and efficiency, ensuring that we balance profitability with emissions reduction objectives. By using Wayfinder's data and voyage optimization, we've seen efficiency gains in the range of 4.5% on dedicated voyages, which translates into as many as 14 additional sailing days per year per vessel.”
CEO, Berge Bulk
James Marshall
"With My Digital Fleet™, we are building the most comprehensive platform for managing risk and achieving efficiency across four critical aspects of shipping: Environmental, Operational, Machinery, and Structural. Our partnership with Sofar Ocean and Wayfinder solves the voyage optimization challenge by combining unparalleled marine weather forecasts with accurate vessel performance models to give Operators control over safety, earnings, and CII."
Global Head of Global Solutions, ABS
Paul Sells
“The purchase and operating cost of the Spotter is much lower than the large buoy so we are now using it as our primary offshore wave data source. We have purchased a second Spotter to allow them to be regularly swapped over while moorings are checked and biofouling removed.”
Engineering Adviser, Lyttelton Port Company
Neil McLennan
“With its proven reliability, accuracy and well-established scientific credentials the Spotter buoy from Sofar Ocean provides the Brazilian Navy with the ability to operate at high-latitude regions that receive very little sunlight, while providing 2-way communication via its built-in satellite modem.”
Captain, Brazilian Navy
Capt. Tobias Ramalho
“We decided to use the Spotter wave buoys as part of the MASRI project for multiple reasons. The buoys are very affordable, small, lightweight and easy to maintain. The mooring is also convenient to deploy and affordable. The Spotter buoy measures the most important parameters such as spectra wave conditions, sea surface temperature and local wind, which no other buoys can. The real-time access and included dashboard and API are very useful to keep an eye on the data. These advantages allowed us to deploy multiple buoys instead of one more expensive traditional buoy."
Branch Director, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Ivan Ivanov
“Most moored buoys in the Great Lakes require significant time and financial investment, a highly qualified team of technicians, scientists, and engineers, as well as mid-size vessels for deployments and retrievals. For this reason, several labs turned to small, lightweight, and relatively easy-to-deploy options, like Sofar Ocean’s Spotter buoy.”
Communications Specialist, Great Lakes Observing System
David Fitch
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