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Powered by the largest ocean weather sensor network, Wayfinder provides your fleet with efficient, continuously optimized voyage guidance to meet any business constraint.
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Why Wayfinder?
Wayfinder is a dynamic voyage guidance system that delivers the most efficient and least weather-restricted speed and waypoint recommendations to your fleet. The platform is powered by our global network of ocean sensors, which produces the best marine weather forecasts and informs detailed Vessel Performance Models (VPM). By incorporating your vessel’s specific business and safety constraints, Wayfinder continuously provides your operators and crew with the most optimized speed and routes possible.
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Best Marine Weather Forecasts
Wayfinder is powered by the best marine weather forecasts, which we produce using our expansive network of sensors distributed across all five oceans. Each day, this network collects over 200,000 data points, real-time observations of waves, wind, currents, and other vessel resistance factors. We assimilate this data into our weather models — along with available satellite and in-situ data — to produce forecasts that are 40% more accurate than those of leading government centers. More data, less uncertainty, better outcomes.
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Continuously Calibrated Vessel Performance
AdaptiveVPM™, Wayfinder’s data-driven Vessel Performance Model, acts as a digital twin of your vessel. The model uses a ship’s current physical condition and our marine weather forecasts to accurately predict vessel speed, RPM, and fuel consumption for any sea state encountered. Wayfinder incorporates actual performance data and real-time weather observations to dynamically recalibrate the model.
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Proactive Voyage Optimization
Wayfinder’s optimization engine considers hundreds of millions of options before proactively delivering the most efficient route. Speed, RPM, and waypoint recommendations are delivered daily and optimized for the fuel cost, time cost, safety, emissions, and/or charter party constraints that you provide for your vessel. Using our best-in-class marine weather forecasts, Wayfinder automatically anticipates the need to slow down, speed up, or change course, ensuring that your vessel always stays on the most efficient path to port.
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Reduce emissions now
(not later)
Wayfinder helps fleets decarbonize in the immediate term. By ensuring that a vessel follows the most efficient route, the platform reduces fuel consumption, saves money, and lowers emissions output on a voyage-by-voyage basis. Wayfinder customers can expect to reduce fleetwide emissions by thousands of metric tonnes of CO2 each year. Sofar is continuously expanding the platform’s emissions tracking capabilities, optimizing for CII and other sustainability metrics.
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Safety at Sea
Wayfinder leverages our best-in-class marine weather forecasts to provide timely safety recommendations, which limit a vessel’s exposure to heavy weather, prevent structural wear and tear, and safeguard crew and cargo. Seakeeping models issue alerts for synchronous roll and other unwanted vessel motion, while adjustable weather map layers and our Spotter buoy network — both are displayed in-app — provide unprecedented situational awareness.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
"Eagle Bulk has a track record for leveraging data to make the best decisions. Sofar Ocean’s real-time sensor-derived ocean data allows our onboard and shoreside teams to dynamically optimize speed and routing decisions with safety, cost, and emissions benefits.”
–Jonathan Dowsett
Director of Fleet Performance
"Star Bulk has been focusing on voyage optimization for several years to minimize our costs and reduce emissions, and we are always on the look-out for new products that use advanced technologies. What we like about Sofar’s services is that they use a large network of ocean weather sensors to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting, and we expect that this should allow us to further optimize our fleet’s routes and speeds.”
–George Mantalos
Energy Efficiency Director
"Wayfinder allows us to increase vessel utilization and efficiency, ensuring that we balance profitability with emissions reduction objectives. By using Wayfinder's data and voyage optimization, we've seen efficiency gains in the range of 4.5% on dedicated voyages, which translates into as many as 14 additional sailing days per year per vessel.”
–James Marshall
BergeBulk red cargo ship gliding through the water.
"With My Digital Fleet™, we are building the most comprehensive platform for managing risk and achieving efficiency across four critical aspects of shipping: Environmental, Operational, Machinery, and Structural. Our partnership with Sofar Ocean and Wayfinder solves the voyage optimization challenge by combining unparalleled marine weather forecasts with accurate vessel performance models to give Operators control over safety, earnings, and CII."
–Paul Sells
Global Head of
Digital Solutions

Sofar Ocean

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