Dynamic route optimization, powered by the global Spotter weather sensor network

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Wayfinder Features

Sofar global network of Spotter buoys

We own and operate the largest open-ocean weather sensor network. By assimilating this data into our global weather model, we produce wave and swell forecasts that are 20%-50% more accurate than NOAA and ECMWF

Vessel-specific performance models

We combine your Noon report data with our database of actual historical marine weather conditions to generate an accurate digital model of your ship’s performance.

Wayfinder optimization engine

Provides an objective optimization for the entire voyage that evaluates over 100 million route options in every calculation. Weather forecasts are updated every 6 hours.

Real-time updates via the Wayfinder App

Lightweight app designed for captains to provide routing guidance that accounts for weather, market conditions, and sea keeping. Responsive performance even in low-bandwidth environments of the open ocean.

Optimize for voyage gains, not just bunker savings

Wayfinder takes user-set business metrics to optimize voyage returns by considering weather, market impact, contract terms, and strategic initiatives (e.g. time charter index, demurrage, bunker prices, CO₂ targets).

Dynamic Routing in Action: Pacific Basin

Wayfinder Benefits

The Wayfinder application empowers shipping operations with the following benefits:

Voyage cost savings

  • Decreased weather resistance along route
  • Intelligent route updates based on real-time market fluctuations
  • Shorter voyage duration
  • Optimized end-to-end speed and power recommendations, updated throughout entire voyage

Vessel safety & situational awareness

  • Severe weather avoidance
  • Vessel safety thresholds
  • Access to along-route weather conditions and forecasts (waves/swell, sea currents, wind)
  • Live access to Spotter weather observational data
  • Improved seakeeping and warnings for predicted rolling events

Vessel performance monitoring

  • Historic analysis of vessel performance
  • Custom, improving vessel dynamic calculations
  • Post-voyage vessel analysis reports

Operational transparency

  • Fleet and vessel monitoring
  • Shared understanding of route decision-making process between captains and onshore operations personnel
  • Shared, always-up-to-date vessel ETA