Dynamic route optimization, powered by the global Spotter weather sensor network

“We have seen fantastic fuel savings through improved weather routing”
James Marshall, CEO
Berge Bulk
As quoted in The Washington Post
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Wayfinder Features

Open ocean weather data

We operate the world’s largest fleet of open-ocean weather sensors, and integrate real-time, observational weather data collected along your routes to produce forecasts that are up to 50% more accurate than NOAA and ECMWF.

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Accurate digital twins

Combining your historical noon report data, ship properties and our historical weather data, we generate a digital twin with unique speed, fuel, and safety profiles for each vessel to predict its performance in all conditions.

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Optimal business performance

We understand that every voyage is unique and fleet compliance needs continue to evolve, so we give you the flexibility to optimize for what matters to your business.

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Dynamic route guidance

Each day, we evaluate over 100 million routing options based on the latest weather forecast data and your business needs, and deliver the safest and most profitable route directly to ship masters and fleet operations staff.

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Weather Resistance Smart Routing

Wayfinder Benefits

The Wayfinder application empowers shipping operations with the following benefits:


Improved situational awareness of conditions at sea
Avoid severe weather
Vessel-specific safety thresholds
Proactive warnings and alerts


Maximize voyage gains with real-time data
Decrease bunker costs
Shorten voyage durations
Increase TCE

Ease of Use

Lightweight installation procedure
No CAPEX costs or OT changes required
Minimal product training to deploy
Access via a standard web browser