Connect the world's oceans to power a more sustainable future.

Delivering ocean insights to science, society, and industry to act on Planet Ocean.

Oceans cover over 70% of our planet

And over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea. Oceans drive our weather and climate, which impacts everyone: every human, every industry, and every country.

And still, ocean data is next to non-existent. We know more about the surface of the moon than the waters surrounding us.

At Sofar, we aim to deliver large-scale ocean data to accelerate climate insights. Ocean data and insights are increasingly critical for successful climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. As a first step, we are building the world’s largest real-time ocean weather sensor network which provides the most accurate marine weather information and forecasts to power industry-specific solutions.

We believe that more and better ocean data will contribute to greater understanding of our environment, better decisions, improved business outcomes, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable planet.

What is Sofar?

Below the surface, most of the ocean is dark and unknown. Getting information from any part of the ocean is difficult. Is it raining in the middle of the Pacific? Impossible to know. However, at about 1km depth, our oceans are equipped with a highly effective global communication channel, known as the SOFAR channel (which is short for Sound Fixing and Ranging Channel).

This natural sound tube is used by marine mammals for long-range communication, and scientists have measured minute changes in global ocean temperatures by listening to remote sound sources at this depth. Our mission is to connect the world’s oceans, but we’re united by a fascination for the unknown, and our name is inspired by the beauty of this natural sound channel.

Our Values
Oceans First
We have one planet. If we have to choose between more profit or better oceans, we choose the ocean.
Grab an Oar
We pride ourselves on being proactive, taking responsibility, and always making things better.
Team Wins
We can only accomplish this mission together. Respect and help others, always.
Challenge with Heart
Vocal but open to others’ ideas. Listen, discuss, and commit.
Ship for Impact
Build for the mission, be pragmatic, and move fast. Ocean health can’t wait.


Founding Team

Headshot Tim Janssen Co-founder
Tim Janssen, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO
Headshot Evan Shapiro Co-founder
Evan Shapiro
Co-Founder and CTO

Leadership Team

Headshot Shik Sundar
Shik Sundar
VP of Sales
Headshot Cameron Dunning
Cameron Dunning
Head of Legal and Finance
Shireen Khan
Head of People
Headshot Ariel Rhoda
Ariel Rhoda
Head of Product
Headshot Pieter Smit
Pieter Smit, PhD
Head of Ocean Research
David Benudis
Head of Revenue Operations
Headshot Peter Rive, Chairman
Peter Rive

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