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The oceans are our greatest ally in the fight against climate change. They need your help.
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Our mission is to connect the world's oceans to power a more sustainable future.
Why oceans?
The oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. They drive our weather, power global trade, and are the backbone of coastal communities worldwide. By connecting the world’s oceans, we empower science, society, and industry to be stewards for the sea, and help make a more sustainable future possible for our planet.
Our story
Listen to Sofar Ocean CEO Tim Janssen tell the story of Sofar on The Sunday Times’ “Danny in the Valley” podcast.
Our values
Oceans First
We have one planet. If we have to choose between more profit or better oceans, we choose the ocean.
Grab an Oar
We pride ourselves on being proactive, taking responsibility, and always making things better.
Team Wins
We can only accomplish this mission together. Respect and help others, always.
Challenge with Heart
Vocal but open to others’ ideas. Listen, discuss, and commit.
Ship for Impact
Build for the mission, be pragmatic, and move fast. Ocean health can’t wait.
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