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The world’s largest ocean sensor network

The most accurate ocean weather forecasts
We built Spotter to make marine sensing cost-effective and accessible. We have deployed hundreds of Spotters in all five oceans to collect data in real-time. Our team leverages this vast network to produce best-in-class ocean weather forecasts and planetary-scale datasets. These insights power our maritime solutions, like voyage optimization, extreme weather monitoring, and more.
An Ocean of Data, On Demand
Active sensors
Data points collected per day
Better global wave forecasts than leading government forecast centers
Device ocean hours
Deep sea thinking
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The oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. They drive our weather, power global trade, and are the backbone of coastal communities worldwide. They are also our greatest ally in the fight against climate change. By connecting the world’s oceans, we empower science, society, and industry to be stewards for the sea, and help make a more sustainable future possible for our planet.

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