Announcing Spotter v2 with SST

Chris Ayan
Chris Ayan

Since its launch in 2017, Spotter has been deployed by researchers, industries, governments, and ocean enthusiasts all over the world. And as a community of users we’ve learned a ton. Spotters have racked up over a million ocean hours in climates ranging from the tropics, subtropics and arctic. And that’s a pretty big deal. At least we think so.  

Over time we’ve learned from our deployments in the field to make gradual refinements in material choices and mechanical design to Spotter. With these changes and a newly incorporated sensor, we are proud to introduce: Spotter v2. 

Spotter V2  incorporates all our learnings from extended deployments by users in every part of the world, and in every type of weather. The new release also includes an optional digital temperature sensor that provides an accuracy of +/-0.1C and a precision of 0.02C. We have mounted the sensor in an insulated stainless steel penetrator to provide excellent thermal contact with the water. 

With Spotter v2, real-time sea surface temperature is directly available via your dashboard, through the API, and is stored on the SD card.

Spotter v2 still comes standard with all of the data available in Spotter v1. In addition we are releasing our latest firmware update for Spotter v2 and v1.

Firmware 1.8.0 Includes:

Latest Parsing script: | Version 1.8.0 (last updated: October 31, 2019)
- Ability to parse 1.8.0 data
- Correlates Spotter millis time to epoch time in SST log files

Latest Firmware Update  |  Version 1.8.0 (last updated: October 31, 2019)
- Spotter is now more power efficient with compatible hardware
- Spotter sampling period is more consistently exactly 30 minutes long

Check out Spotter v2 here for more information or to purchase your own.

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