Webinar: Exploring the Next Frontier of Coastal Ocean Data Collection with the University of Western Australia

Sofar Ocean

Researchers at the University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Oceans Institute collect data in one of the most pristine, energetic, and globally significant marine environments on Earth. Western Australia’s 10,000km coastline lies at the boundary of the Indian and Southern Ocean, and the offshore zone is home to complex currents, ocean temperature, and wave dynamics. Anthropogenic climate change and other longer-scale climate oscillations are uniquely manifest in Western Australia’s waters and other boundary regions. Changes in these areas can be a harbinger of changes to come elsewhere.

UWA researchers track these local and global trends, monitoring changes along Western Australia’s coast while advancing our understanding of broader coastal physical ocean processes. To do this, they employ a wide array of instrumentation, including Sofar Ocean’s Spotter buoy systems. The data that UWA collects catalyzes pioneering research in operational oceanography, wave dynamics, coastal processes, and environmental characterization.

In this webinar, Michael Cuttler and Jeff Hansen of the UWA Oceans Institute join Sofar Business Development Associate Duncan Mactavish, for a conversation about:

  • The unique ocean environment in Western Australia and its impact on coastal regions and global ocean circulation.
  • How UWA uses Sofar’s Spotter buoy systems to monitor wave, ocean temperature, and coastal dynamics.

A questions and answers session followed the conversation.

Jeff Hansen
Professor of Earth Sciences
Mike Cuttler
Postdoctoral Researcher
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