Webinar: Enhancing operational safety and efficiency at offshore wind sites with Luode

Sofar Ocean

At offshore wind sites, access to accurate ocean data is essential. Onsite personnel use real-time ocean observations to support a variety of efforts, including day-to-day operations, technical planning, site characterization, and longer-term environmental impact assessments.

At Luode, a Finnish consultancy that specializes in water quality monitoring and measurement, Director Antti Lindfors and his team deploy fleets of Sofar Spotter buoy systems at offshore wind sites to collect this critical ocean data. The Spotters gather information about waves, wind, and other key variables, helping developers conduct operations and assessments as safely and efficiently as possible.

In this webinar, Antti joined Sofar Commercial Account Executive Jasmine Eggleton, for an in-depth conversation about:

  • The unique challenges of making ocean observations at offshore wind sites.
  • The essential services that Luode provides to its partners in offshore wind and other industries in the Baltic Sea and beyond.
  • How Luode uses the Spotter buoy system to help onsite personnel collect and transmit ocean data in real-time and turn that data into actionable insights.

A questions and answers session followed the conversation.

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