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Ready to maximize voyage earnings and safety? Explore Wayfinder ship routing.

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Our Wayfinder app provides captains with routing guidance that accounts for weather, market variability, charter party, and sea keeping. The objective optimization evaluates over 100 million route options every 6 hours, to provide dynamically updated waypoints and speed profiles on your operating schedule.

We own and operate the largest open-ocean weather sensor network. By assimilating this data into our global weather model, we produce wave and swell forecasts that are 20%-50% more accurate than NOAA and ECMWF.

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The most accurate marine weather forecast. Anywhere.

Marine weather forecasts have been unreliable because they lack accurate real-time data. Our privately-owned network of open ocean sensors fills this data gap and reduces uncertainty in marine weather forecasts by up to 50%. A few lines of code give you more accurate real-time conditions and the best forecasts across our world's oceans.

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Our Data APIs

Spotter Sensor

Access to both real-time and historical sensor data from our Spotter buoy network

  • Wave statistics (bulk or complete spectra)
  • U10 wind speed and direction
  • Surface displacement (drift current)
  • Per buoy or whole network

Wave Spectra

Variance density spectrum at any geographic point from the Sofar Wave Model

  • 1/4 degree resolution
  • Includes nowcast to 16-day forecast
  • Includes data from WaveWatch III, ECMWF and GFS.
  • Request per geographic point
* Our marine weather suite includes access to surface waves, wind, and circulation forecasts. It also includes the Sofar Wave Model, which is a high-resolution wave forecast that achieves unprecedented accuracy through assimilation of observations from our sensor network.

A flexible API to meet your needs

To create the best weather forecasts, we apply innovative data assimilation techniques, develop machine-learning engines, and build the infrastructure to ingest, store, and deliver marine weather to your applications. And to bring it all home, we built a simple and user-friendly API to give you instant access.

Instant real-time access

Retrieve real-time in-situ observational data and high-resolution model data on-demand.

Cloud Powered

Designed for the cloud, our API is always available, continuously upgraded, and can be customized to meet your needs.

No FTP servers and archaic APIs

Built with developers and data scientist’s in mind, it’s easy to implement the industry’s best marine weather.

Access our marine weather forecast API today and sign up for a free 30-day trial.

A few lines of code give you access to the best marine weather forecasts

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