Smart Mooring
Connected Marine Sensor Platform

Get real-time access to underwater sensors using the Smart Mooring platform

Smart Mooring

The Smart Mooring sensor platform is a modular, real-time monitoring platform.

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An Integrated Sensor Platform

Real-time data

Never worry about whether your sensor is working. Data from sensors is available in real-time in the Spotter Dashboard and API so you always know what is going on.

Easy Deployment

Smart Mooring + Spotter comes as a single package that can be deployed from any size vessel. After deployment, data will start flowing to your Dashboard and API. It is that simple.

Solar Powered

All Smart Mooring sensors are connected via data and power cables to the Spotter and its powerful solar array.

Sensor Modularity

Spotter + Smart Mooring provide unprecedented flexibility and modularity. The system is designed to integrate with most sensors. You pick the sensor and at what depth you want it, we take care of the rest.

Durable and Tough

The polyurethane cable with Kevlar braid is designed to withstand the harshest marine environments.

Includes Spotter

In addition to providing real-time data from your in-line sensors, you also get benefits from Spotter, including including real-time wave and wind data.

Modular Sensor System

Add sensors anywhere.

Smart Mooring is powered by Sofar's OnePlug system, a connectivity protocol and connector standard designed to support rapid and flexible integration of components. This means that you can add any sensor, and plug it in where you want.

How Smart Mooring is being used

Coastal Monitoring

Water level measurement
  • Infragravity Waves
  • Non-tidal Residuals
  • Tides
  • Water Levels
Use Cases
  • Tidal predictions
  • Run dredging assessments
  • Monitor storm surges
  • Detect and predict harbor seiching
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Multiple sensor configuration
  • Water column stratification
  • Sub-surface water properties
  • Currents
  • Water Quality
Water level measurement
  • Monitor operations
  • New site selection
  • Avoid "superchills"
  • Create efficient feeding
See configurations

Available Configurations

Temperature Profiler

In-line temperature sensors record temperature and stratification.

Spotter - morring example

Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), two temperature sensors, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Water Level Gauge

Bottom-mounted pressure sensor measuring water level variations at 2Hz using the RBR Coda3 depth sensor.

Spotter - morring example

Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), RBR Coda3 pressure sensor, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Configure Your Own

Customize depth and payload:

  • Decide which sensors you like*
  • Mooring depth up to 300 meters
  • Flexible sensor placement
Component Pricing
Spotter + Smart Mooring
Smart Mooring cables
Sensor Node (base)
$300 / node
Sensor Payload
* All RBRcoda3 sensors are supported already and we continue to add new sensors every day

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