Smart Mooring Connects Your Sensors

Get realtime access to your underwater sensors using Smart Mooring and Spotter

Available Configurations

Temperature Profiler

In-line temperature sensors record
temperature and stratification.

Configuration Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), two temperature sensors, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Water Level Gauge

Bottom-mounted pressure gauge measures water level, tides, storm surge, and infragravity waves.

Configuration Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), bottom-mounted pressure sensor, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Configure Your Own

Customize depth and payload.

Decide which sensors you like **

Mooring depth up to 300 meters

Flexible sensor placement

Smart Mooring Component Pricing

Smart Mooring (base)
Sensor Node
$300 per node
Sensor Payload
* First Delivery October 1st, 2020. Sales will contact you to complete your configuration once you finish checkout.*
** All
RBRcoda3 sensors are supported already and we continue to add new sensors every day**

Easy integration, means more flexibility.

Smart Mooring is powered by Sofar's OnePlug system, a connectivity protocol and connector standard designed to support rapid and flexible integration of components. This means that you can add any sensor, and plug it in where you want.

How Smart Mooring is being used already.

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