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At Sofar, we’re bringing you the highest-quality marine sensing devices at the lowest cost, ready to deliver the ocean data you need. Weather-tested, environmentally safe, and easy to use, Spotter + Smart Mooring is your one-stop solution for ocean research and innovation. 

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Spotter device


Spotter is a turnkey open-ocean buoy that gives you access to real-time ocean data at your fingertips: wind, waves, sea surface temperatures, and more. Get access to the device, data dashboard, and the API, all in one package.

It all comes in a small, easy-to-deploy package. Spotters are cost-effective, sustainably-powered, and designed to provide the flexibility you need for your projects.  


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Smart Mooring Device

Smart Mooring

Easily integrate a Temperature and/or a Pressure sensor with Spotter as a hub for power and connectivity. No configurations needed: just connect and access your Smart Mooring data right away from our API and dashboard.

With Smart Mooring, anyone from a citizen scientist to a natural resource manager can equip Spotter with any combination of sensors in the water column for immediate access to that data.

Spotter Device

Spotter: your eyes on
Planet Ocean

What’s unique about
Spotter + Smart Mooring?

Powered by the sun

Spotter is sustainable and fully solar-powered, meaning it can run indefinitely — and you never have to worry about losing data.

Easy to deploy

Simply unbox and drop it in the water to start collecting ocean data. About the size of a basketball, Spotter can be shipped worldwide and deployed without any special equipment.

Spotter / Smart Mooring Device
Built to last

Rugged & durable, Spotter is built to last in rough conditions. Encased in ice or surviving a storm surge, Spotter can handle it all. 

Affordable & accessible

Along with being simple to deploy and use, Spotter is cost effective to ensure that ocean innovation & research is accessible to everyone.

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Our Devices in Action

Spotter + Smart Mooring customer success stories from the Arctic to the Australian coast.

All-in-one ocean surface weather station

Spotter + Smart Mooring lets you leverage a vast amount of ocean data in a form that you can instantly put to use. Whether you are in academics, industry, or even marine recreation, we make it simple for you to unlock new discoveries about Planet Ocean.

Spotter Device


Weather Conditions

Wind Speed
12 KTS

Wave Height
3.8 M

Wave Direction
12 KTS

Drift Heading
187 °

Last Update: 03/23/2019 17:51:49 UTC

Wind Direction

Wave Period
16.2 S

Drift Speed
0.6 M/S

Wave directional spread
28 °

Location:  14.433083*  ) 926.7, *+<.

Raw sensor data

Access raw sensor data via an onboard SD card. From surface wave spectrum (swell, sea, period, direction) and wind speed/direction, to surface drift/direction data and sea surface temperature, we capture it all.

Real-time data via Satellite

Get real-time ocean data from anywhere in the world, even at low-bandwidth. Each Spotter is connected to our data platform via Iridium satellite.

Live data dashboard

From monitoring and viewing data to managing configurations, do it all in one place. Stay on top of ocean events and trends with real-time alerts and historical data access for any sensor type.

Powerful APIs

The Spotter Sensor API provides access to weather and surface data collected by  Spotter via an HTTPS JSON API. (Data forwarding available).

Real-Time Spotter Data in Action

From your live dashboard, you can explore all the data at your fingertips, as well as changing Spotter settings, configuring alerts, and more. There’s even a mobile app.

A device in action
Person holding a spotter device
Person putting a spotter device in the water
A spotter device in the water
Spotter device in the water

Spotter Dashboard

preview of a spotter dashboard

Deployment Options

Free Floating

Simple to deploy anywhere in the world


Gain insights to conditions at a fixed, moored location

In an Array

Deploy an entire network of Spotters for a reasonable price

Measurements & dimensions

42CM 16.4" width
31CM 23.3" Height


5.4 KG 12LBS

Full Specs 




5.4 KG 12LBS


Iridium SBD

Starting at $84/month on-going.

Full Specs 

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SD Card Data Guide

Enhance Your Spotter with Smart Mooring

An integrated, modular, real-time monitoring platform for any ocean sensor type

Mooring device underwater

A modular sensor system that enables flexibility and multi-pronged usage

Add any sensor, and plug it anywhere you want
Smart Mooring is powered by Bristlemouth, a connectivity protocol and connector standard designed to support rapid and flexible integration of components.
Bottom line: add any sensor, and plug it anywhere you want.

A spotter and mooring device in operation

Smart Mooring in the Wild

Coastal Monitoring, Coastal Resilience, & Insurance

Water level measurement

• Infragravity Waves
• Non-tidal Residuals
• Tides
• Water Levels

Use Cases

• Tidal predictions
• Run dredging assessments
• Monitor storm surges
• Detect and predict harbor seiching

See configurations

Conservation & Research

Multiple sensor configuration

• Water column stratification
• Sub-surface water properties
• Water Quality

Water level measurement

• Operations monitoring
• New site selection

See configurations

Available Configurations

Temperature Profiler

In-line temperature sensors record temperature and stratification.

Spotter - morring example

Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), two temperature sensors, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Water Level Gauge

Near seafloor side-mounted pressure sensor measuring water level variations at 2Hz using the RBR Coda3 depth sensor.

Spotter - morring example

Includes: Non-SST Spotter, Smart Mooring (base), RBR Coda3 pressure sensor, and mooring components (excluding anchor weight).

Configure Your Own

Customize depth and payload:

  • Decide which sensors you like*
  • Mooring depth up to 50 meters
  • Flexible sensor placement
Component Pricing
Spotter + Smart Mooring
Smart Mooring cables
Sensor Node (base)
$300 / node
Sensor Payload
* RBRcoda3 , D, TD sensors are supported already and we continue to add new sensors every day

Success Story

Improving coral reef health with real-time temperature monitoring

Revolutionizing Coral Monitoring

Add any sensor, and plug it anywhere you want
Smart Mooring is powered by Sofar's OnePlug system, a connectivity protocol and connector standard designed to support rapid and flexible integration of components.

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