Dynamic, data-driven voyage optimization
using the world's best weather forecasts.

Powered by the largest ocean weather sensor network, Wayfinder delivers real-time, personalized vessel route optimizations.
Increase efficiency, save on fuel and costs, and reduce emissions.




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Why Wayfinder?

Wayfinder uses the world's best ocean weather data to generate continuously
optimized routing recommendations that are custom-built for each unique vessel.

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Maximize savings and minimize emissions

Voyage optimization delivered daily with the flexibility to optimize what matters to your business

Save time, reduce fuel consumption, and increase TCE 

Understand your carbon intensity and prioritize emission reductions to meet new and existing regulations 

Best weather forecasts

With our weather forecasts proven to be 20–50% more accurate than the leading models, you get the most accurately optimized routes

Get continuous weather updates in real-time and full reroutes on-demand or pushed every six hours

Predictions are personalized to your vessel’s exact safety, speed, and fuel profile

Improve voyage safety

Respond to moment-by-moment weather conditions and storm development with notifications

Set custom seakeeping safety thresholds for unfavorable vessel motion alerts

Continuously access global Spotter network data to understand weather trends and patterns 

What Customers Have To Say

"Wayfinder allows us to increase vessel utilization and efficiency, ensuring that we balance profitability with emissions reduction objectives. By using Wayfinder's data and voyage optimization, we've seen efficiency gains in the range of 4.5% on dedicated voyages, which translates into as many as 14 additional sailing days per year per vessel.”

James Marshall

CEO Berge Bulk

With the addition of Sofar Ocean’s capabilities to ABS My Digital Fleet™, we are bringing voyage insights that enable the flexibility to optimize for what is most important for each voyage, delivering the optimal route that supports charterers and ship managers in their daily operational decision making towards meeting decarbonization goals.”

Smarty Mathew John

Vice President

What You Get With Wayfinder

Largest network of ocean weather data
We’ve got you covered with Sofar’s planetary-scale ocean data network. Continuous weather updates from our proliferation of Spotters help you navigate with efficiency, safety, and ease.

No cost to getting started
Getting started with Wayfinder is simple: install and go. No additional hardware or installation costs, and minimal product training is needed.

Real-time monitoring
The ocean can change in an instant. That’s why we provide instant route updates and guidance, proactively alerting you any time there could be an issue.

Custom vessel performance models
No two vessels are exactly alike. Combining your historical noon report data, ship properties, and our historical weather data, we generate unique speed, fuel, and safety profiles for your vessel to predict its performance in all conditions.

Low-bandwidth access
Keeping in mind internet conditions at sea, we’ve built Wayfinder to ensure that Captains can access it anytime, anywhere — even in bandwidth-constrained situations.

Continuous route optimization
Our algorithms evaluate over 100 million routing options based on the latest weather from our Spotter grid and deliver the safest and most profitable route directly to ship Captains and fleet operations teams.

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