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7 Technologies Revolutionizing Our Understanding of the Ocean

Throughout the 20th century, the marine environment has been under attack, and the principal assailant has been us. However, funding for marine conservation worldwide has doubled to nearly $2 billion over the last decade. Astonishing advances are being made in our sustainable use of the ocean. Ecosystem based fishery management, marine aquaculture, habitat restoration, marine debris prevention and response, new and expanded marine protected areas, and offshore renewable energy are allowing us to better protect our ocean planet.

An essential enabler in this arena is marine technology, where the U.S. has played a leading role. At the forefront has been the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In partnership with universities, nonprofit organizations, the private sector, and international allies, the agency has been a world leader in applying marine technology to the understanding, health, and sustainability of our ocean.

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