Dry bulk snapshot: Wayfinder generates >4% average total equivalent fuel savings on Australia-China (BDI C5) voyages in 2023

Sofar Ocean

Sofar Ocean’s Wayfinder platform uses the most accurate marine weather forecasts and vessel performance models to provide optimized guidance and save ships time, fuel, and emissions.

In 2023, dry bulk carriers sailing with Wayfinder achieved exemplary voyage outcomes. From January through late November, a sampling of Capesize vessels following Wayfinder’s dynamic RPM and waypoint recommendations saved an average of $8,800+ per voyage across nearly 40 ballast and laden legs between Australia and China (Baltic Dry Index C5). Average total equivalent fuel savings exceeded 4% and average emissions output fell by more than 30 MT of CO2 per leg.

In a year where the BDI stayed relatively low from Q1 2023 through much of Q3 2023, the steady savings won by Wayfinder were of particular value to Sofar’s dry bulk customers. As the BDI surges in Q4 2023 amidst higher spot rates for Capesize vessels, the value created by Wayfinder will only multiply, enhancing the profitability of Capes using the platform.

Wayfinder delivers best-in-class voyage outcomes using a dynamic approach to voyage optimization. As weather and economic conditions change during a ship’s journey, Wayfinder’s guidance adapts accordingly. The platform uses high-accuracy vessel performance models and Sofar’s superior weather forecasts to generate continuously optimized RPM and waypoint recommendations that keep ships safe and on the most efficient path to port. Sofar’s weather forecasts are up to 50% more accurate than the traditional models used by other routing providers, and integrate the real-time observations made by Sofar’s Spotter sensor network. By incorporating real-time weather observations made along a vessel’s route, Wayfinder can better advise ships to change speed or course to sail safely and minimize voyage costs and emissions.

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