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Webinar: Spotter Buoy Integrates RBR or any Sensor Payload

Learn how the RBR range of sensors is adding to the capability of Sofar's Smart Mooring for cost-effective, real-time monitoring.

Iterating faster with a modular-first approach to hardware architecture

Can hardware engineering and development cycles match those of software? At Sofar Ocean, we believe that we can produce rugged, durable, and mission-critical hardware quickly and iteratively by taking a modular approach.

Spotter Data Partitioning for "sea" and "swell"

Spotter can now partition data to provide better insight into the nature of the sea state.

Deploying Spotter From An Airplane

To provide precise information of ocean weather where we need it, the ability to deploy ocean sensor systems from the air is critical.

Data Validation: Spotter Takes a Stand

To provide a direct validation of the Spotter motion sensing capabilities, we purpose-built a motion-controlled teststand that enables detailed simulation of realistic ocean surface motions.

Data Validation: Statistics at Mavericks

To compare the Spotter data with traditional scientific instrumentation, we deploy a Spotter alongside a Datawell Waverider near Mavericks, the California big-wave surf spot. Detailed comparison of spectra and directional moments confirms outstanding Spotter data quality.