Webinar: How Sofar Ocean is unlocking the next generation of flexible subsurface sensing

Sofar Ocean

Collecting accurate subsurface ocean data at scale is complex. Underwater sensing solutions must be reliable, flexible, and able to satisfy unique deployment and configurability requirements. Historically, marine professionals have struggled to find a cost-effective solution that meets these needs.

Sofar Ocean’s Spotter platform with Smart Mooring helps fill this gap. The robust and extensible system collects and transmits surface and subsurface data in real-time, measuring waves, temperature, pressure, and more. The extensible platform can be equipped with additional off-the-shelf sensors and devices to expand its observational capabilities.

In this webinar, Sofar Co-Founder and CTO Evan Shapiro showcases the latest updates to the Spotter platform’s subsurface ecosystem. This includes:

  • The integration of the Bristlemouth open ocean connectivity standard to enhance flexibility and robustness
  • The exciting addition of a current sensor as a compatible, out-of-the box sensing solution for Smart Mooring
  • Key software updates that provide additional Dashboard insights to Spotter platform users

A questions and answers session follows the presentation.

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