Webinar: How Ocergy improves operational design and maintenance at floating offshore wind sites using the Spotter platform

Sofar Ocean

At floating offshore wind sites, access to highly accurate in situ ocean data is a necessity. Ocergy, which provides sustainable solutions for the floating wind sector, collects this essential metocean information using the Sofar Spotter platform. Site personnel deploy Spotters near floating wind infrastructure and use the real-time observations of waves and other ocean variables to inform safe and efficient site operations.

In this webinar, Ocergy Engineering Manager Philippe Jean joined Sofar Senior Manager of Sales and Business Development Nevin DiParlo to discuss:

  • Ocergy’s data and infrastructure solutions for the floating offshore wind industry
  • How Ocergy uses Sofar’s Spotter platform to collect and remotely access real-time ocean data that supports site design, maintenance, and operations of floating wind turbines in the Mediterranean Sea
  • How Ocergy uses the Spotter platform in conjunction with the OCG DATA buoy to validate offshore wind site selection and design

A questions and answers session followed the conversation.

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